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Friday, November 22

Notes from this week..

..// this swing seat. 
{because of the kind people who left it behind}
..// this patch of light
{because it's my favourite part of the day}
..// this mushroom
{because it was a welcome surprise on an evening dog walk}
..// these soggy boots
{because of all the hard work we did that day}
..// this ginger cat
{because of all the new places he likes to sleep}

What else: 
1. I was overwhelmed with lovely responses from my last post. It helped
2. I've figured out that i feel content right now. 
3. I had a moment of pure happiness this week.
4. I printed this off and pinned it to my wardrobe. It really is wonderful.
5. I had a few days off from work. blog. normal life. I don't feel any better for them though. 

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4 note(s)..:

  1. i love it too when the lights creep through the curtain in the morning. such pretty color of golden. and so calming to see. i wish i had a swing.

  2. love the light in the afternoon! and that swing reminds me of my childoohd....have a great weekend!

  3. The cat is so cute ^.^ I love posts like these!
    Alice x



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