Tuesday, November 26

Last week I had one of those weeks where you have a few days off and your entire weekend feels like you have had a mini holiday, as the days mingle so well that you have to stop and wonder what day it is. In fact i did have a mini holiday when i think about it but it is only now that i know the outcome that i can really think of it that way. 

I took a road trip down to Cambridge with my mother where we indulged in christmas shopping, (her) buying gifts for ourselves (me) and sipping hot tea in the parks while watching bikers and shoppers trudge through fallen leaves (both). After our day out, when our noses were red from chill, our fingers couldn't carry anymore bags and our feet where tiredly dragging under us, we headed over to Newmarket to rest our sleepy heads before a big day the next day. (More on this later.)

I spent the last part of my weekend helping prepare the garden for the winter frost, jumping in leaves and taking long walks with Grizzle to the lake. I really feel like it was Autumns last week and that now the mornings are frosty and the bite in the air has gotten more noticeable, winter has made it's appearance and we should all be settling in for the long hall now. 

Despite everything else going on in my life these past few months i have had some of those life changing few days that you know will resonate in your mind forever more. I finally have some faith that all this has and is happening for a greater reason and that really is wonderful. 

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  1. Those photographs are so gorgeous! I'm really glad you enjoyed the weekend, I feel like I need a complete break from work to get away from everything for a while! It's definitely turned wintery in the last week, my car needed de-icing yesterday *cries* xx

    1. Sometimes i think we all just need those few days to get lost in life and not worry about work and everything else that's going on. It does the world of good. xx

  2. beautiful photos! what a cute little dog and I love the red brick buildings ;)

  3. I love these photos, they are so autumney ( does that word exist) and your dogs sooo cute.
    I'm glad you had a lovely break :)
    sometimes they are needed.

    x x x

    1. I think that word should exist if it doesn't! This one really was and i had a lovely time. :) xx

  4. Such beautiful Autumny photos, I keep trying to capture it but not a patch on these.
    Just landed here from The Cup and Saucer, really love your blog :o)
    M x Life Outside London



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