Tuesday, November 26

Last week I had one of those weeks where you have a few days off and your entire weekend feels like you have had a mini holiday, as the days mingle so well that you have to stop and wonder what day it is. In fact i did have a mini holiday when i think about it but it is only now that i know the outcome that i can really think of it that way. 

I took a road trip down to Cambridge with my mother where we indulged in christmas shopping, (her) buying gifts for ourselves (me) and sipping hot tea in the parks while watching bikers and shoppers trudge through fallen leaves (both). After our day out, when our noses were red from chill, our fingers couldn't carry anymore bags and our feet where tiredly dragging under us, we headed over to Newmarket to rest our sleepy heads before a big day the next day. (More on this later.)

I spent the last part of my weekend helping prepare the garden for the winter frost, jumping in leaves and taking long walks with Grizzle to the lake. I really feel like it was Autumns last week and that now the mornings are frosty and the bite in the air has gotten more noticeable, winter has made it's appearance and we should all be settling in for the long hall now. 

Despite everything else going on in my life these past few months i have had some of those life changing few days that you know will resonate in your mind forever more. I finally have some faith that all this has and is happening for a greater reason and that really is wonderful. 

This & That

Friday, November 22

Notes from this week..

..// this swing seat. 
{because of the kind people who left it behind}
..// this patch of light
{because it's my favourite part of the day}
..// this mushroom
{because it was a welcome surprise on an evening dog walk}
..// these soggy boots
{because of all the hard work we did that day}
..// this ginger cat
{because of all the new places he likes to sleep}

What else: 
1. I was overwhelmed with lovely responses from my last post. It helped
2. I've figured out that i feel content right now. 
3. I had a moment of pure happiness this week.
4. I printed this off and pinned it to my wardrobe. It really is wonderful.
5. I had a few days off from work. blog. normal life. I don't feel any better for them though. 

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Weekend Scenes | Being Grateful

Wednesday, November 13

I say it so often but it's true. It's those little things in life that matter the most. To me anyway. 
Baking a friend a surprise birthday cake and watching her blow out her candles. Taking Grizzle for a gloriously chilly but lovely walk just before the sun slips away for the night. Reading christmas books in front of the candles with a fresh cuppa while the pup snoozes next to you. Watching the tractors go past the house through the paddock trees. But most of all coming back to this new home that now has such a wonderful energy and homely feeling to it. These where all things i did this weekend. 

Another thing i did this weekend was took my friend for a birthday hack through the fields. The air had a distinctive bite to it and the dogs were running loose through the bushes up ahead of us trying to catch pheasants. It sounds idyllic doesn't it. It was. Until some inconsiderate arsehole nearly killed both me and Morris. To cut a long story short i was crossing over a river from the fields to the road. The bridge is used for tractors and is basically a steel and tarmac platform with no sides on it. Two cars decided to overtake each other on the small country road right in front of me, as i was on said bridge. Morris wouldn't stand still and wait (typical thoroughbred wanting to bugger off all the time) so he backed up, tried to rear, hopped about and backed up again. Nearly backing off the tiny bridge, down the drop into the river. I would have ended up underneath him at the bottom of the river if it wasn't for my quick thinking, staying calm and a bit of luck! 

So a note to people who go tearing round country roads. Slow down round those corners, you don't know whats going to be around them and SLOW DOWN FOR HORSES! I was really lucky and i don't say it lightly that i would have probably been killed if he had made another step backwards. So i'm even more grateful for those little things that make this world great this week and i hope it makes someone think twice. 

This & That

Friday, November 8

 Notes from this week.

- this white shirt.
 {because i finally found the perfect one}

 - this hair mask.
 {for giving my hair a helping hand through my colouring adventure}

 - this door.
 {because i love it so}

 - this book.
 {because i finally got around to starting it}

what else:
1. i have wasted far too many hours on pinterest.
2. i've written list after list
3. I finally bought and received my winter 'shopping' boots.
4. i've been busy busy busy. 
5. i've been making plans for a friends birthday.

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Freedom. What does it mean to you?

Thursday, November 7

I recently read an extract on one of my favourite blogs (here) about what freedom meant to her, and it really stuck with me. I agreed with so many things that she said and i thought i would try and write what freedom meant to me. 

Freedom can be defined as being different for everyone but to me i have great opinions on what keeps me free. 

- I'm a country girl at heart, through and through, so if someone were to tell me i had to live in London for my career and hit the pavement every day i wouldn't do it. I couldn't do it. I can't imagine living in a world where there isn't a field to look out on or the only wildlife you are likely to see is an urban fox. As much as i love to visit, i will always be a visitor. 

- The outdoors is freedom to me. Breathing fresh, cool air into my lungs reminds me i'm alive. When the seasons change and the clocks make my five o'clock commute home a dark one it makes it that much harder to be outside. I walk Grizzle in the dark and i appreciate those weekend hours of sunlight that little bit more. I would quite happily live my life in a wooden cabin on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere because i crave the open air. 

- Switching off. This is going to sound hypercritical because i have a blog, instagram and a twitter account for said blog, but, i hate how reliant we have all become on technology. Any one of my friends will tell you that i hate facebook and i'm the worst texter in the world. I prefer to turn up at their house than reply to their text or failing that i call people instead. I hardly ever know where my phone is except when i'm working and if you want me on a Sunday your better to pop by than try and call me. Being away from technology is freedom to me. Has anyone noticed i'm never around at the weekend? The only reason i'm on here so often is because i work at a desk for most of the day. 

- A career with no barriers. I don't like offices. I don't like working for big companies. I've done it before and it dulled my spark until i was a clone. I hated it. Now i work for a small company run partly by my family and partly by another. I still work in an office and i don't like it. Up until recently i would say i loved my job to anyone who asked. I don't love it. But don't get me wrong, i do like it. I get to meet some interesting people and i'm good at what i do, but the main reason for me telling people i loved it was because it pays well and i get great perks from it. Now i'm on the road to throwing it all in for a career i really do LOVE. One that i am passionate about down to the ground, and one that will have me excited to go to work everyday. That is freedom to me. Spending my life as a desk jockey helping someone else build their dream is NOT. 

- Being at peace with myself. I meditate and do a lot of yoga. It helps my mind calm down and it helps me to put things into perspective. I'm naturally a laid back, positive person most the time and it takes a lot for me to get angry and stressed over something, but when i do the best thing for me is to take a minute, breath and calm myself. 

- Adventures. I'm an outdoorsy person, (you may be able to tell!) i'm not shy to sleep on the back of an old truck or a tent in the woods. Knowing that we as human beings live in this huge world that most of us never even see a part of saddens me. Who wouldn't want to explore the world? Maybe it's money related? But there are ways around that. I think there is always a way, if you really want it. One day i will buy a horse lorry and travel everywhere in it, just me, my dogs, a horse and my camera. Pitch up wherever we want and spend our days riding bareback across the countrysides with the dogs running along side us. 

- Horse riding. There is nothing that means freedom more to me than the feeling of galloping along anywhere on the back of a horse. 

I may not be able to express my feelings of freedom as well as she did but if a post like that stays with me then i feel i have to contribute. It can become to easy for us all to get so bogged down with what we think we need in our lives. The latest beauty product, that new jumper or those new shoes. Do we really need them? Of course we don't and ultimately will they make us happy? So i ask you what does freedom mean to you? 

Weekend Scenes

Wednesday, November 6

My life recently seems to be all about these little weekend scenes and i'm kind of loving it. The past few months have been really tough ones for me and just trying to find the strength to get out of bed every morning has been a constant battle in my head. There were low points when i felt like giving up. These little scenes remind what is good about my life and the world we live in and that fills me with joy. 

This weekend i took my mum to the stables with me so she could get some photos of me jumping Morris. This is the first time since he had his back injury that we have pushed him to jump over proper jumps and not just little tiny things that he steps over. (He will try and jump a row of trotting poles laid on the damn ground but put up a pathetic height bounce and he will step it, how i love that horse!) So i wanted to see for myself how he was jumping, plus i wanted some recent photos of us. He did so well and listened incredibly well, i'm a proud horse mumma! I'm eager to get those jumps higher and get a good course round from him but we will take it one step at a time. 

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends, drinking one too many and laughing until our bellies hurt. The weather was awful and gloomy but in my little world the sun seemed to be shining. November holds so many exciting plans for me this year and i'm nervous but thrilled about them all. How was your weekend?

This & That

Friday, November 1

- this blanket
{because it doesn't take much for me to feel a chill}
- this hand cream
{for keeping my hands in working order}
- this pumpkin
{because i love this time of year}
-these keys
{for being a freshly cut new set to my little pad}
-these paint splattered tiles 
{for decorating our front porch beautifully}

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