This & That

Friday, October 25

- this puppy
{because he has pulled through wonderfully and is now home and safe}

- this work
{for finally being finished}

- this new kettle
{for making our new house feel like home}

- these boots
{for being my feets best friend}

6 note(s)..:

  1. As always, your blog makes me feel super cosy.

    I hope your puppy is ok xx

    1. He's fine now thanks! On a new diet and had a course of tablets so he's on the mend. :) xx

  2. So glad the little guys better x

  3. oh i'm so pleased your puppy is better! honestly, so glad to hear that. and i've reeeeally got to get some dubarrys, they look so cosy!
    the hobbit kitchen x



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