Cromer Pier

Tuesday, October 15

 photo IMG_3923_zpsf5785764.jpg

I've had both good and bad memories of being in Cromer so when i was last near i wanted to cleanse that pallet and have a good day. I strolled around the pier and despite it still being early the crowds had gathered to enjoy the sunshine and watch the waves.

All these photo's were taken in my manual setting. I had been playing around with new things on my camera all weekend and when i got home i was excited to see what these looked on the screen. I think i'm quite happy with how they turned out, even if i do say so myself.. 

6 note(s)..:

  1. Gosh your pictures make me feel like I can almost taste the fresh air. They look amazing and crisp, especially all the blues. xxx

    1. Thank you, i'm pretty pleased with them :)

  2. such beautiful photos! amazing place, thanks for sharing!

  3. gorgeous photos as always - i love the colour of the sea :) i hope you managed to make some good memories this time around!

    the hobbit kitchen x

  4. Gorgeous photos! You did well with your manual setting. You really captured the wide open skies and colour perfectly. X Jane



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