Two: Burghley Horse Trails 2013

Wednesday, September 11

The weather took a turn Friday morning, but thankfully my optimism that we wouldn't get rain payed off and although it was overcast, we stayed dry. We hit the shops again in the morning followed by another lazy lunch picnic from the back of the land rover. After Lunch we watched the dressage competitors. As you know if you've ever been to watch, everything and everyone is silent when the dressage is on. We were being good until a particularity strong, buff, bald headed rider from America started talking to the news reporter.. in the highest, squeakiest voice known to man!

Me and A fell about laughing, luckily the people who did turn to look at us all knew what we were laughing and joined in, i'll admit not as much as us who were by this point laughing so much our eyes were watering. We stayed until all the shops were packing up for the night and then headed over to Dubarry to have some more champagne and giggle about with them for a while. By the time we left Burghley was deserted, which made for incredibly funny Burghley after dark style photo sessions.  More on that to come.. 

Day one can be found here

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  1. It had been such a long time since I have been to Burghley! The trade stands look as though they were utterly fantastic this year :-) But then, aren't they always!?

    Burghley is my favourite! But then perhaps I'm biased as a Lincolnshire girl

    Jem xXx



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