Three: Burghley Horse Trials 2013 (1)

Friday, September 13

This is my first section of photo's from the Cross country on Saturday. The whole day we stayed well clear of the shops and the masses of crowds that had appeared for the day. We were up and in early before 9.30 and walked the first part of the course before the horse started. As the day went on we watched a horse or two a jump and moved along so we got to see them all. 

My mother joined us on the Saturday and brought Grizzle with her (he would have hated the days we were shopping) so he got a good long walk round the entire course. We witnessed only one person nearly fall off but thankfully she recovered it pretty quickly and managed to stay on. The cross country is my favourite of the three events but if you go i would advise staying away from the shops. It's like christmas in Primark! 

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  1. stunning photos! thanks for sharing!

  2. Your photos make me jealous.
    i miss horseriding so much xx

    dreaming is believing



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