One: Burghley Horse Trails 2013

Tuesday, September 10

Thursday morning the mother in law and i headed out to Burghley and met up with some of the family. The sun shone for us in all her glory leaving their border a very hot dog who wanted to be carried most the day. We spent the morning dipping in and out of the shops making the most of it before the crowds arrived on Saturday. Soon we found ourselves being taken care of in Dubarry with glass after glass of champagne. We chatted to the staff and got some contacts while i bought the new style boots. We were even invited each day to the after party but since we had more company joining us we only managed a glass bottle of champagne later in the day.

We lazed in the sunshine and had a long picnic lunch before heading over to watch a friend compete for the pony club. Her team won and we all celebrated while they did the victory lap and stood for photos in front of the house. After a long fun filled day the rest of the family retired back home to meet us again in the morning while i took the mother in law to The George for the evening before making our way back to the caravan. 

(Stay tuned for more of my weekend. Previous posts on The George here)

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  1. This looks like an amazing way to spend a day! Love the pictures and glad you were spoilt!

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

    1. It really really is. I can't recommend it enough. xx

  2. Ahh Ema I've been waiting for your blog post on Burghley ever since you said a while ago that you were going. It was such an incredible event wasn't it & luckily it stayed pretty dry!
    So nice to see the event from another set of eyes, seems you spent a lot more time with horses whilst I raided the food court!
    Lovely pictures, especially the Dubarry boots shot!
    Glad you went to the George too, a true local gem!
    (Also I popped my own post up today of Burghley too if you fancied a look!) xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. I was hoping you would put one up too! We raided the free samples from the food court in the morning and brought some fancy bread for our picnic then moved onto shopping and horses :)
      Going to pop over to see yours now xx

  3. Wasn't it a lovely event, i went on the Sunday and the weather was great. Went there 2 weekends ago again and the whole park was full of hundreds of gazelles. It was such a beautiful sight. I'm so lucky to have burghley on my doorstep xx

    Esha x



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