Monday Musings: The weekend i live for

Monday, September 9

 • I think the beginning to this week has been the hardest in a very long time. I have the Monday blues like no other and it's all because the weekend i just had has been the best thing for my soul since last years event. 

 • On Thursday we packed up the Porsche and headed out to Stamford to start our weekend away. Burghley horse trails is the event i look forward to all year long. This year we camped down the road instead of on site but it didn't take away from how truly amazing the whole experience is. This entire week will be a Burghley based special because i took thousand of photos and made memories to last me a lifetime. 

 • Tonight i'm spending the evening having my hair done. I've decided that i'm bored of my current dark hair and i'm going to go lighter for the winter..  I should have really done it in the summer but never mind. 

 • Since i spent so much money this weekend (No, really!) I'm going to be spending the next few weekends having basic lazy weekends in with the boy. He's welcoming them too since he's just put a deposit down for his week accommodation with work. Speaking of which we gladly found out that he wont be shipped out somewhere far away after all and is going to be working in Nottingham for the next two years instead, which suits us just fine. 

 • It's smiles all round this week. My blues will soon disappear and i can look back on the memories i made with some of the worlds best people. Those guys are truly shining stars in my life and i don't know what i would do without them. Sometimes family are the only people who can do that to you - even if it is the family you pick yourself. 

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