Weekend Scenes

Thursday, August 22

This weekend i had a relatively slow weekend. I spent most of Saturday at the stables getting my new boy, and me, in some practice for our comp this weekend, but the rest of the time me and the boy wondered about at our own pace getting a few jobs done and doing some much needed catching up. 

We took Grizzle for walks, went to see the swans and i nearly finished reading 'The lovely bones'. I have to say i love this book so much. I'm waiting to watch the movie and see if it lives up to the book, it won't though. They never do, do they? This weekend will be busier and i'm starting to get nervous about my event. If you could all wish me a safe route round then i would be really grateful! How did you spend your weekend?

*Photo's taken with my dslr & iphone. 

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  1. Can I have your dog, pleaaase? So cute! x

  2. Lovely photos, I think I know one or two of those places!!!
    Grizzle is a gorgeous boy and I love his name!
    And also the Lovely Bones is perhaps one of my favourite books ever, if not THE favourite. I watched the film and I'm sorry to tell you it was rubbish in comparison. I don't think I'd ever like the way someone portrayed her heaven scenes on film, so I was never going to really like it, but it hasn't coloured my view of the book at all. Still so good!


    1. I'm preparing myself that the film won't be as good as the book. I don't think anything can top our own imaginations, i'll give it a view though just to feed my curiosity. This has to be one of my favourite books too, the way she writes about what Susie see's from heaven makes my heart ache. I hope they can see us like she does :)



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