The face brush

Tuesday, August 20

Matters of skincare are, as expected, a personal thing. 

To me there is nothing more refreshing than scrubbing the day from your face.

Here's the thing. I'm not a fancy product kind of girl. In fact i'm a strong believer that most of those products do more harm than good to your skin, but that's not to say that i don't have a good skincare routine going on. I do. 

I'm a natural beauty kind of girl. I make my own body scrubs, face masks, spot treatments and use oils like they are going out of fashion. All natural. And you know what, my skin is the best it has been in years. Although i do own a few products, Estee Lauder advanced night repair, simple kind to skin cleansing lotion and various Liz Earle and Palmers moisturisers, to name but a few things i can't live without, mostly my skincare routine is full of 100% natural ingredients
I don't like things that aren't fragrance-free and i don't like to see things i can't even pronounce on the side of my products. 

Here's where the face brush comes in:

I like to give my face a good decent scrub with my cleanser before i wash it off. For a long time i used muslin cloths. These were great for getting the cleanser off but not so great for a really deep scrub. I like to feel the blood being circulated and my skin looking refreshed. 

I've used face scrubs before, but they are mostly either full of things i'm not comfortable using on my skin or are far too harsh. When i saw this little brush in a department store in my local town i picked it up. It looked sweet and would go with my wooden body brush were my first thoughts, then when i realised it was for your face and the bristles weren't razer sharp i thought even more of this little thing. 

I've been using it for a few weeks now. Popping on my cleanser and rubbing this in circular motions around my face, and i have to say, i'm about ready to preach my love for this little thing to everyone i meet. My skin is more energized and my complexion is having a brilliant time. 

For a few pounds, it's changed my skin for the better.

3 note(s)..:

  1. I really want one of these, Ema! My skin gets very oily and I often want to get right down in to my pours to make my skin squeaky clean, and I don't think fingertips alone can do this. I really want to try! Do you find using it too often makes your skin overly oily? I'm in a bit of a catch 22 with mine right now, too much washing vs trying to leave it alone, both of which leave me shiny!


    1. I tend to use it most days and haven't had any excess oil gather but that may just be my skin. Try it every other day or every now and then and see how you feel :)



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