Revesby Show Day

Tuesday, August 6

It's been in my nature since i was a little girl that i loved country shows. Revesby is my local show and despite my only date for the day being Grizzle there was no way i was going to miss it. Grizzle is a bit of a name here because he's been a champion in the Terrier shows a few times, his first win when he was only 8 months old, he's got good genes that one! 

The show was packed as ever which makes the drive in great for people watching. Grizzle sat on my knee as we came in the gates and parked and two lovely, very posh ladies sought me out at the ticket booth to say how cute he looked 'driving' and wished him luck in the shows. Unfortunately i couldn't enter him this year because they had the clay shooting on at the same time and Grizzle HATES gunshots, despite my best efforts, so i quickly moved a very shaky dog away from it all and went to watch the horses instead. 

This is what my summer looks like. Horse shows, country fairs and muddy boots. What does yours look like?   

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  1. These pictures are so quintessential english countryside, I love it. It makes me think of Luella hahaha. Your poor dog getting scared by the gunshots! I hope he was ok. XXX

    1. Thanks. Yea he was fine once i got him away from them. He'll never make a gun dog but i love him anyway bless him.xx



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