Monday Musings : Grown ups in training

Monday, July 29

• I think it's safe to say i slept the deepest i have for a long time this weekend. On Saturday i started my training for the cross country event. Woody was amazing with the jumps and didn't spook once, despite being a bit of a wimp in the school. The course is about 3/4 miles long and goes through fields, woodland and water. I'm excited to carry on and compete but it isn't with out its nerves. This will be my first one since my accident so i hope it goes well. 

• After riding around in the fresh air jumping and galloping around i was shattered the rest of Saturday afternoon. I managed to pull myself up from my nap to nip to town and pick up some nail polish that i got in my head i needed more than anything this week. It's pretty though.

• Saturday night me and the boy forced our tired behinds to go to the cinema so as not to spend the whole night just eating greasy Chinese food in front of the telly. As it turned out i was glad we did. We saw the film 'Now you see me' and since i'm a bit of a geek who loves that kind of thing i have to say it's become one of my top favourites! It was amazing and so clever! I really recommend seeing it if you're into magic and the like. You wont be disappointed. 

• On Sunday the boy and i played domestic goddess's. We did the weekly food shop and then cooked a roast chicken for everyone. It went well, i only got in a strop and walked off once ;) Success. 

• Next weekend the boy is heading to Canada with his mum to visit some family for two weeks. So we are trying to squeeze a little extra time for each other in before he leaves. I have a lot of plans going on top keep me busy while he's away so it'll be nice to see him after and we can swap stories of what's been going on in each others lives while we have been apart. 

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  1. YAY I'm so happy you had a nice ride and weren't too scared of it all after your accident :) That's really brave of you.
    x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thank you. Have to just get up an try again. :) x

  2. Sounds like such a delightful weekend! When is your event? I had no idea you'd had an accident, was it serious? Jase and I planned to go to the cinema on Saturday night too, but we are forever late so missed the final showings! Ended up having a movie night in instead which was just as lovely :) x

    1. August bank holiday, so not long! Well i have a spinal condition that effects the fluid inbetween my vertebrae. It's nothing too serious on a daily basis but the bone grinds more than it should. Basically about two years ago i was training an ex racehorse to show jump, he was a little green and had no idea what to do other than run in a straight line, we were getting on well though but one day we were jumping and he landed funny meaning so did i and jarred myself badly. I couldn't walk or move for months without extreme pain and sometimes couldn't move at all. I had to have a lot of scans, physio and gentle exercise to try and build the strength in back so it wouldn't affect it so much, now my back doesn't play up like it did but if i sit down for two long or something it gets really painful. I was advised not to ride again but i couldn't not do, it's my life. If fall of a horse or injure myself i could end up not being able to walk again they said, but i said i could have a car accident and have the same thing happen so i just trained myself again and that's where i am now :)
      Sorry that was long winded haha!



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