Evening Walks

Wednesday, August 7

All the summer weather we've had these past few weeks have made my evening walk with Griz a whole lot better. We stroll out the gates and Grizzle takes the lead. We always end up going different ways and finding new things. Walking past the houses dotted around and into fields full of different treats.

Grizzle likes to eat the grass, i like to take photos of everything, together we can get lost in these fields for hours, leisurely wondering off tracks and trails, lucky if we catch a glimpse of another human being. Walking like this gives me time to clear my head, contemplate new adventures and soothe any stress i may have. It's nice..out here in the country, you know! 

4 note(s)..:

  1. this is totally beautiful! great photos! thanks for sharing :)

  2. I want to be in the country! I looks beautiful as always, the evening light always shows everything at its best xxx

  3. These pictures are so pretty! I love going for a walk of an evening- the light is gorgeous and it's just such a peaceful way to spend the evening. A dog would just complete the picture! xx

  4. Such beautiful photos! Grizzle is the handsomest :) What's the crop growing in that field? x



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