Cross Country Eventing

Tuesday, August 27

This bank holiday was one of the best i have had all year.  Monday was my first event since my accident, and not just any event. It was the cross country. Being a cross country eventer is a whole new ball game compared to it's show jumping and dressage counter parts. There are no barriers to stop you, between fences you don't see anyone else and the horses step up their gears by what feels like four times faster than usual. It's just the open fields, the jumps, and you two. 

In the run up to this event i had some major issues. First my boy was put into retirement early so i was without a horse, then when i found one and started training on him we found out two days before the event that he had injured his back and is now on rest. So i ended up doing this event on a horse i had ridden...once. 

Despite us hardly knowing each other we got on like a house on fire. To start the course you do a show jumping course then you jump straight out the arena and into the cross country where you then carry on. We got round completely clear and had no refusals which was excellent  He didn't spook or run off with me and i had an amazing round on him. We didn't place in the top three but we had a great start back into my eventing life. Here's to the next one!

N.B all the photo's of me were taken by my mother who didn't really know how to use my camera. I couldn't get any of me on the course because only the finishing line was open to the public, but if you check my instagram i made two video's of most the jumps while i was walking it that morning. (@em_fee_)

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  1. Well done hun!!! Photos look great x

  2. Well done my lovely! SO glad it went well for you, you look so pro up there on your horse! Can't believe you'd only ridden it once before, must've been so nervewracking. Congrats on having such a good entry back into the eventing world!

    1. Thanks lovey! I was so nervous before i got on him then once we were in the warm up ring all my fears just went away and we were off. There not the best timed photo's of me on him to be honest but i'm happy i have some :) xx

  3. I'm so happy for you, what an achievement! My mum and friends event with our horses so I know just how much of a commitment it is and how devastating it can be when a horse is injured but to do this on a horse you've ridden once...amazing! What a pro!



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