The sea forever holds me in it's net of wonder

Tuesday, July 16

I've been spending a lot of my summer by the sea. There is something so calming about dozing in the sunshine listening to the waves crash against the shore. Some days it's nice to run around with bear skin and messy hair. With a family friend due for a visit for the day we decided to head back to the coast and enjoy the day. When we awoke to cloud coverage it was fair to say we were a little disappointed, but we remained optimistic and sure enough the sun broke through the clouds just as we were done with our picnic. 

After we had been fed and watered, had a snooze and had given ourselves tarot card readings me and the boy stripped off and took a walk to the shore line. The sea hadn't long gone out so we found an array of sea life still clinging to the shallow waters just waiting to be swept away..

2 note(s)..:

  1. Wahhh look at that starfish! Amazing photos! You seriously have the best figure lady! X

    1. Rosie you're too kind :) thanks hun x



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