Sand between our toes

Tuesday, July 9

On Sunday we woke up early, packed up the car, dropped the roof and headed out to the beach. The weather was gloriously hot and i was just praying this little beach wouldn't be too busy. Luckily it wasn't. We set Grizzle up with a shady spot where he could spy on the Jack Russel near us, and made sure his water bowl was topped up before tucking into our picnic. 

Young girls rode horses down in the shallows, children laughed and played in the sand and dogs ran happily after various balls and toys. Everyone had that fabulous sun soaked happiness across their faces.

Grizzle gets really excited at the beach and can often be found (heard) bouncing up and down and barking at the top of his lungs telling the world he's at the beach. Hence the lead. He scared a little girl. So until we got clear of them he had to be restrained. 

But i soon let him free again..

We stayed until we all got far too hot, our skin turning pink and i had added a few more freckles to my collection. 
Isn't it strange that i used to hate my freckles, like really hate them, like scratch them from my face hate them, now summer wouldn't be the same without them. 
On the ride home Grizzle lay in the footwell and fell to sleep while the boy and i listened to golden oldies on the radio. The perfect beach day if you ask me. 

2 note(s)..:

  1. What an amazing day! So neat that horses skip the shore and that you can bring Grizzle along for the day. All the beaches near us won't allow pups by day!

    1. That's such a shame they don't allow dogs near you. Grizzle loves it.:)



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