Monday musings : summers arrival

Monday, July 8

 • How amazing has the weather been this weekend? If only every weekend could be this warm i would spend my days very happy. 
 • The boy is safely back from his holiday, slightly tired, groggy and in the early stages of developing a cold. After a very long day travelling he arrived back from a slightly rainy holiday ready for a few hours in his own bed and some home made cooking.
 • We spent the weekend catching up and enjoying the sunshine. We ate loads of BBQ food, picnics and had a lazy day at the beach. I'm so glad the weather had been good as it seems the boy didn't have the greatest weather all week. 
 • We arrived home Sunday to find a little bit of devastation  The magpie we had been using to bait had died. So far it had caught 8 magpies in a short while and the little birds had really started to enjoy the garden again. Unfortunately we found it dead within the space of a few hours. No idea why but it was a fairly sad day.  
 • Thanks to the sunshine i now have a fresh scattering of freckles and a bronzed glow to my cheeks. I would love to say that summer is here but i'm scared it will get commitment issues and run away again! 

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  1. That photo is gorgeous! This weather really is amazing isn't it?! I'm sat in the sun right now, and it's blissful!




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