Monday Musings : Landmark weekend

Monday, July 22

 • This weekend was the boy's Graduation. On Friday off he went to his ceremony with all the other graduates and stood in front of proud family and friends to mark what four years of hard work can do. 

 • After the festivities of Friday, the boy and I headed down to Norfolk for a mini break, of sun, sea and some of the best food i have eaten for a long while. My entire weekend was full of delicious meals at wonderful restaurants. 

 • Saturday morning i woke early and headed to the stables to see my other boy. With the weather being slightly overcast and a lot cooler than it has been for a while, we took the opportunity to pull out the jumps and practice bounces. I'm currently training for a cross country course so i was actually thankful for cooler weather this once! 

 • I had dinner with an old friend in the week. We chatted about this, that and everything in between. It felt really great to finally have my friend back from uni for the summer and being able to catch up with her. 

*FYI the girl in the video is not me. 

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  1. Ah congratulations to your man on his graduation! Sounds like a perfect weekend! :) x



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