Monday musings: just us girls

Monday, July 1

 • This weekend all the girls said short goodbyes to the boys who were jetting off on their holiday this week. Some cried, some felt strange and some mainly me were just happy to have some quality girl and alone time. 

• In the spirit of being boy free for a little while the girls took to organizing a fun filled weekend of  dinner, drinks, soppy love films and a sunny day out together to finish the whole thing off. I had the best time and even managed to get some tan lines Sunday from being outside all day. 

 • On Sunday we loaded the cars with sweets, put on summer dresses, dropped the roof off my car and headed out to Butlins, bikini's in hand ready to spend a day on fair rides and splashing around like children in the water park. I laughed more than i have in a long time. 

 • When it was time for us to drag our tired and sun soaked selves back to the cars and head home the heat was still hitting 27 degrees at 5 o'clock in the afternoon so a quick call to mum was made and we decided between us to set up some Pimms and eat in the garden. Much to my, hay-fever suffering but is too stubborn to take anything for it, little brother's disgust.

 • I have a lot to get sorted before the weekend and the boy's arrival back in the country, so i can see the whole week flying by. Although if the sun shines like it did Sunday i may just jack it all in to bask in the warmth. 

• Oh and one last thing! Wasn't Google reader mean't to have disappeared today? Well If it does and you want to still follow me you can do so by clicking here or by on one of the links in the sidebar.

 What have you been doing this weekend?

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  1. So glad you had such a nice weekend lovely :) Just what you needed!




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