Mid-week day trip.

Tuesday, July 2

A few weeks ago it was the boys birthday. Since we had a joint night out to celebrate i thought i would take him for a special day out on the actual day just for him. We decided to ignore the clouds that were threatening to burst and head to Norfolk. More specifically to Burnham market to have dinner at The Hoste

Since we went mid-week we were able to get a table easily but on sunny weekends this place is full of people enjoying dinner and drinks. It's a popular one with Londoners at bank holidays and the odd fancy car can be watched from the outside tables. 

I was actually sick as a dog the day we went (hence the distinct lack of photo's of food, which i couldn't eat much of) but persevered through for the sake of the boy. I did however feel well enough for ice cream. The best vanilla ice cream in Norfolk to be exact. After a day of feeding ourselves, taking walks around and dodging the rain we headed home picking up fresh strawberries on the way past. 

The perfect little mid-week adventure. 

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  2. Really really loving your blog at the moment Ema! That vanilla icecream looks so good! I love icecream, it's my vice!


    1. Thanks Rosie! :) You know what that ice cream was really really good! You just can't compare homemade to supermarket ice cream. xxx

  3. Lovely blog....new follower!



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