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Saturday, July 6

▲ This year I've really been into my fitness. Besides gym classes and going for a run this blog and it's helpful video's have really pushed me to keep going. This post is what i'm concentrating on this week.

▲ Since the boys have been away and some of my friends have had a tough time adjusting i thought i would send them this blog post to cheer them up a bit and make them see it can be a good thing. 

▲ This next link i can't really take credit for. I found this through Tania and her post about instagram, but it was such a lovely find i had to mention it here. The photo's of Benjamin Hole are stunning and so beautiful. You must have a look and follow him.

▲ i watched breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time this week and cried at this scene. Oh cat!

▲ I found this article very reassuring. DO you no-poo? I poo once a week. Twice if it's lucky.

have a great weekend everybody! 

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