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Thursday, July 4

Do you like dogs? I like dogs. And i love my dog. As you may already know. Since this is a blog of my life and Grizzle is a huge part of my life i thought i would dedicate a post to him and other dogs every now and then. Lets have a doggy discussion. 

Now it is my understanding that co-sleeping is normally reserved for parents and babies who want to be close to their new offspring while they sleep while possibly hoping they don't roll on them in the process. In my case co-sleeping means my dog shares the bed with me whenever the boy isn't around*. He sleeps with his head on the other pillow, at the end of the bed sprawled out, taking up the entire other side of the bed while pushing into my back to get me off the bed or even on his back smack bang in the middle.

He pretty much sleeps however he damn well feels like it and the only danger we have is that he will push me out the bed while i sleep. Which trust me is a possibility. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. Aside from the fact that, in theory, he would alert me to an intruder** if anyone dared enter my house in the first place,  it mainly means i know were he is and that he's happy. Probably in much the same way a real mother looks after her tiny human i have more nightmares about me not being able to protect Grizzle than i do about normal people things such as flooding or their boyfriend leaving them or something, and after everyone i wake up and see that he isn't being attacked by a bigger dog or being shot at by a crazy framer (?) he's asleep next to me, safe and well. 

The other reason is because i want him to know he's apart of the family and more than just a dog. It pains me when people leave their dog's outside all night. There are two little dogs up the road who are out in that garden rain or shine, day and night and i have never seen any life there except the washing changes every now and then. Every day i contemplate picking them up and taking them into my home. In my opinion the only dogs who should sleep out in runs are working dogs, which we all know are a very different kettle of fish for most people. Even then what's the harm in them being in the kitchen? 

So i'm curious where does your dog sleep? Am i just an overly protective dog owner or do you feel the same? 

*When the boy is around the tables turn and Grizzle will only come on the bed if the boy asks him too. I have no idea where he got the idea that the boy runs the roost around here! 
**Grizzle would most likely be the last one in the whole house to notice anyone about. The cats are the real warning to people. Seriously that ginger one has serious issues. 

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  1. This is the cutest thing! How funny that he answers to your boyfriend?! Ted sleeps in the kitchen, and isn't allowed upstairs. Sometimes it's nice to have a break away from all that spaniel energy ;) He would never be able to sleep in our bed with us, because he'd be so excited he'd just jump around like crazy! Grizzle is so so cute, I love his little whiskery face!



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