moody weather

Wednesday, July 31

With all the glorious weather and high humidity in the air it was only a matter of time before the storm clouds rolled in to wash everything away and start over. I love storms. Listening to those first grumbles, watching the sky get darker and the clouds angrier, the smell in the air and on the ground when it's all over and done. I find them fascinating, intoxicating and oddly comforting. 

I took these photos from my skylight on the third floor. Up here in the top of the house the crashes are louder, you feel like the storm is surrounding you and that you're so deep inside it you could reach out and touch it. Grizzle hides under the bed or retreats to lower ground but i hang from the window and take in every movement, every noise it makes and watch as the mood of the sky changes in seconds. 

Mother nature is such a wonderful being..

The freshest taste

Tuesday, July 30

A great advantage of being surrounded by fields is that you can go out and find the freshest vegetables, straight from the ground. It's a commonly known thing here that you pick from the middle parts, never the edge, and only take what you need.  After the fields have been harvested you can find stray crops left behind in the shuffle that would otherwise be churned back into the ground or eaten by wild rabbits. Treats left by the farmer for anyone with the time to look for them.

In the evening light we stuck out back to rummage through the mud and find a few potatoes to serve with our evening meal. They were soon mashed up and tasted delicious. Maybe forgetting to buy a bag wasn't a great loss after all..

Monday Musings : Grown ups in training

Monday, July 29

• I think it's safe to say i slept the deepest i have for a long time this weekend. On Saturday i started my training for the cross country event. Woody was amazing with the jumps and didn't spook once, despite being a bit of a wimp in the school. The course is about 3/4 miles long and goes through fields, woodland and water. I'm excited to carry on and compete but it isn't with out its nerves. This will be my first one since my accident so i hope it goes well. 

• After riding around in the fresh air jumping and galloping around i was shattered the rest of Saturday afternoon. I managed to pull myself up from my nap to nip to town and pick up some nail polish that i got in my head i needed more than anything this week. It's pretty though.

• Saturday night me and the boy forced our tired behinds to go to the cinema so as not to spend the whole night just eating greasy Chinese food in front of the telly. As it turned out i was glad we did. We saw the film 'Now you see me' and since i'm a bit of a geek who loves that kind of thing i have to say it's become one of my top favourites! It was amazing and so clever! I really recommend seeing it if you're into magic and the like. You wont be disappointed. 

• On Sunday the boy and i played domestic goddess's. We did the weekly food shop and then cooked a roast chicken for everyone. It went well, i only got in a strop and walked off once ;) Success. 

• Next weekend the boy is heading to Canada with his mum to visit some family for two weeks. So we are trying to squeeze a little extra time for each other in before he leaves. I have a lot of plans going on top keep me busy while he's away so it'll be nice to see him after and we can swap stories of what's been going on in each others lives while we have been apart. 

this & that

Friday, July 26

- this riverside view 
{because what a wonderful view}

- this flower box
{because it somehow reminds me of New York brownstones}

- this sky
{because there isn't a cloud to be seen}

- this cake
{because it turned out just how i wanted and tasted even better}

- this garden 
{because it looked and smelled divine!}

Weekend Scenes : Norfolk

Wednesday, July 24

After the celebrations of Friday the boy and i hot footed it over to Norfolk to stay in our favourite little cottage and spend the weekend by the sea. The weather being grey and cloudy the entire weekend meant any plans to sun bath and go sea swimming went out the window completely. Luckily for us we knew how to improvise. 

It was the Sheringham annual beer festival this weekend and although we didn't make it to the night party, we had a fancy meal booked in at The Hoste, we did make it the next day to sip some beer and have a look around. People come from all over to try the local brews, dance to folksy music and sit on the trains all day. 

The boy and I had some fabulous food while we were there and i can't recommend this little crab shop enough. The fish was delightfully fresh and well prepared and the walls are covered in seaside and fishing memorabilia. It's located in Wells just opposite the main car park and market if you're interested. The scampi is to die for..

Graduation Day

Tuesday, July 23

Last Friday was the mark of the boys end to education. Well, for now anyway. Unfortunately the university wouldn't allow him more than two tickets to the ceremony so i spent the morning baking his cake, which ending up tasting like a giant oreo, and wrapping his present. In the afternoon i changed out of my bikini, put on my finery and drove down to The George at Stamford to meet the boy and his parents for drinks.

The weather was gloriously hot and the grounds set a perfect scene for photographs and afternoon tea. The last time i was here was Christmas and these grounds were full of trees all lit up. We chatted about future plans, his mum showed me photos of the ceremony and i gushed how proud i was of him. After drinks we took the long stroll round back to the cars so we could take photos and enjoy the sunshine a little longer. The boy and i posed and pouted and tried to tickle each other while the camera was pointed at us. 

A short ride later and we arrived at The Exeter arms for our meal. We sat in the evening light munching on delicious food and wine until the sun went down. A sleepy ride home and i greeted the boy with his final surprise. His cake. We headed for our beds knowing we could eat it in the morning for breakfast.

Dress // Asos | Shoes // Christian Louboutin | Bag // Rebecca Minktoff

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