Twenty Two

Wednesday, June 26

On Saturday the 15th of June i kissed goodbye to my 21 year old self and re-awakened a 22 year old. I started the day early, after staying up till midnight to properly toast my birthday in, i was up and out the door by 9am to spend the first section of my day on the back of a very stroppy mare who tried to buck me off at every chance she got. The joys of riding horses. After i had successfully formed a pretty rocky bond with this mare, prayed my horse better for next time it was off home to open presents over cupcakes and fresh strawberries. 

I was gifted treats from old friends like Estee Lauder, Longchamp and Dior. Enjoyed a late lunch of fish and chips and promptly let the boy take me (& Grizzle) out for the rest of the afternoon to frolic in the sunshine and enjoy a photo shoot in the woods.

Later i drank away the last part of my birthday with some of my favourite people dancing until our feet couldn't carry us any more. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the day. 

*photo's taken with iphone. Obviously we just love top quality here!

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