mundane midweek

Friday, June 7

When i came across Charlotte's post about her mundane midweek i couldn't resist the invitation for us all to join in! Sometimes hearing people's little day to day routines is oddly settling. Every day doesn't have to be something amazing and out of this world. Even if we wish it could be. So here's my Mundane Thursday.

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6:45 after pressing the snooze button every 10 minutes since 6am. With my eyes still half shut i made my way down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen and let Grizzle out while i had breakfast (warm weetabix) in front of the T.V. Pouring myself a cup of tea the size of my head i padded off back upstairs to jump in the shower and get ready. By 8:10 i was ready and getting Grizzle's breakfast ready for his day. 8:15 and i'm in the car on the way to work. I listen to Nick Grimshaw's insane chatter for the whole ride and wonder why i bother to listen to radio 1 anymore. 

The morning at work whizzes by in a flurry of tender's, quotations and invoices. I take a few hundred calls from the boss and by 1pm i'm starving. I don't really have a dinner hour or any breaks throughout the day so i pull out some snacks and eat at my desk while i work. 1:30pm and i'm asked to rush a tender to the council for 2pm. 

Getting into town, to the other side and trying to find somewhere to abandon park my car in half an hour was a tad eventful. People in this town don't tend to look before they step into the street or pull out of junctions! I made it just in time to be greeted by a women who clearly wanted to pack up and go home. The rest of the day is pretty slow and i'm grateful for 5 o'clock. 

Back home and i quickly get changed and head out again. I make my way to the boy's house to check on everything and water the veggies in the green house. Vegetable's not Vegetarians that would be weird! The best thing about Thursday's is that it's take away night for me, so on my way home i stop at Mcdonalds and pick up my guilty pleasure dinner! 

Once home and fed and watered i start getting my things ready for the weekend. I don't live at home on the weekend. I shower, put on some spray tan, iron my clothes and pack my bag up ready. Me & Grizzle go for a walk before the sun goes down and then we settle in for the night with sex & the city, cups of tea and a raw hide chew for him.

What did you do on your mundane midweek? 

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  1. I love the 'wonder why I even listen to radio 1 anymore' comment - I have so many things i do daily that make me think 'why do I still do this?' haha

    1. I think i must be convinced that if i don't do these things every day i'll burst into flames or something!

  2. Do you take your dog with you at the weekends? I'm avoiding getting a pet because we travel up and down north wales which is a 2 hour journey, I'd need an animal that likes cars! xx

    1. Yeah a lot of the time i take him everywhere with me. Other times my mum dog sits him for me when i can't physically take him somewhere. He's good on trips and in the car but he's also quite happy to be left at home. It just takes them a bit of time to adjust to it. xx



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