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Monday, June 3

If i'm honest i was a bit crap at taking photo's this weekend. Mainly because i spent most my time helping the boy revise for his 

I did get out and about on Saturday though. After i had been to the stables i decided that my riding hat just wouldn't last me another week so i took at drive out to Robinsons to buy myself a new hat. I fully had intentions of only buying a hat that was a reasonable price that did what i needed it to. and was still black velvet. What i actually came away with was a pair of leather gloves a Duberry cap and the most expensive riding hat in the shop! My new riding hat though. I'm literally in love with it and it's buttery soft leather straps. 

This week i'm cat sitting for the boys parents while they're away. I love their house so much it will be nice to escape for a little while in the peace and quiet after work. 

It's finally June! My favourite month of the year for two main reasons. It's summer and it's my birthday! The 15th to be exact if anyone wanted to know ;) I've started planning what i want to do for my birthday celebrations and i couldn't be more happy that it's almost here. Everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed that it's a beautiful weather day, that would be great.

I've also been chatting to the boy about taking some trips this summer together now that he's nearly done with his uni days. We like exploring/outdoorsy holidays so i'm thinking of the lake district. If anyone has any recommendations i would love to hear them. 

On another note, how gorgeous is everything on the Joules website right now? I need new bed covers and picnic sets in my life! 

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  1. I never go on the Joules website for fear of breaking the bank!

    The Lake District sounds a great idea, I'm hoping to go in February, we used to go every winter! I'd recommend Kendal for being in a town and being able to get around.

    Have a great week! xx



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