monday musings: calm before the storm

Monday, June 10

I don't know what happened to the bright, sunny weekend i was so promised on my weather forecast all week because my weekend was mostly overcast and a little bit dreary. Hopefully next weekend will actually be sunny. I just can't have rain on my birthday! 

The boy has now officially finished uni! I'm so proud of him for sticking it out these past four years. There have been moments when he's been down, unsure and wanted to throw in the towel but he always stuck at it and now it's over and done with. I'm a very proud misses. 

We went out celebrating this weekend and even though i wasn't much in the mood for it had a good time and it was nice to get dressed up with my girls. 

I've finally got my birthday outfit ordered today. I have two dresses on the way and some new shoes. I can't wait for them to arrive and get into the party spirit! 

I have so much to do this week before Saturday because not only is it my birthday but's it's also the boy's next week too. I have a lot of baking and wrapping to do. 

Oh and there was one last thing... Did i mention it's my birthday on Saturday? No?
It's my birthday on Saturday! 

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  1. What is with the weather, right?! It's so so rubbish! Such a bummer, and not what I signed up for at all! ;) How exciting, your birthday is so soon! Looking forward to seeing your dresses! :)




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