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Saturday, June 29

 • let me introduce you to my new feature. I'll schedule these to pop up every Saturday so you can have some lazy weekend browsing.  

 •  I just love ThESE SIMPLE WAYS TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF WHEN YOUR BUSY. It can be so easy to forget to take a break and focus everything on ourselves. I'm one who doesn't think me time is selfish at all. 

 •  this fantastic funny blog - great for animal lovers & wasting a few minutes.

 •  how amazing that instagram has now launched it's video feature. I wasn't sure how i felt about it to start with, preferring it to be a happy place of photo's but now i've got to say it's really grown on me. 

 •  There is one girl on the internet that can be guaranteed to make you smile when your feeling a bit crappy and that's her. I soon forget whatever i was thinking about when i click through her video's. 

Listening wise this week i've got to say i love the beginning of this song. It reminds me of something from the 1920's for some reason. This song however is rather annoying. What does Rihanna even walk like?

 Enjoy your weekend everyone!

3 note(s)..:

  1. This is such a lovely idea! I'll certainly be checking up every Saturday.
    I absolutely love that photo - it looks so cosy and colourful! Where did you get those sheets from?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks. This was a little trail run so i will definitely keep it up now i know people enjoy it :) The sheets are from Joules.




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