Lazy Little Links

Saturday, June 29

 • let me introduce you to my new feature. I'll schedule these to pop up every Saturday so you can have some lazy weekend browsing.  

 •  I just love ThESE SIMPLE WAYS TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF WHEN YOUR BUSY. It can be so easy to forget to take a break and focus everything on ourselves. I'm one who doesn't think me time is selfish at all. 

 •  this fantastic funny blog - great for animal lovers & wasting a few minutes.

 •  how amazing that instagram has now launched it's video feature. I wasn't sure how i felt about it to start with, preferring it to be a happy place of photo's but now i've got to say it's really grown on me. 

 •  There is one girl on the internet that can be guaranteed to make you smile when your feeling a bit crappy and that's her. I soon forget whatever i was thinking about when i click through her video's. 

Listening wise this week i've got to say i love the beginning of this song. It reminds me of something from the 1920's for some reason. This song however is rather annoying. What does Rihanna even walk like?

 Enjoy your weekend everyone!

this & that

Friday, June 28

- this pretty garden
{because it was hidden away in the strangest place}

- this breakfast 
{because it was fabulous}

- this close up kitty
{because this is his begging face}

- this mirror pic
{because it was the first photo of my new camera}

- this pup
{because this is how he sits when he knows someone is due home soon}

- this garden scene 
{because i love having new settings to play with}

Today is..

Thursday, June 27

Grizzle's 9th Birthday!
My little man is nine, that's sixty three in dog years. You wouldn't know it though, he's still as much of a baby with bundles of energy as he was the day i brought him home. 

Happy Birthday Grizzle. The best companion a girl could ask for.

*photo's taken with my new camera. I'm a little bit in love with it. 
Oh & yes that is a mouse door in the bottom of the kitchen cabinet.

A birthday walk

Wednesday, June 26

For my birthday afternoon all i wanted to do was spend it with my two favourite boys. The boy & Grizzle. So when the boy suggested a walk in my favourite woods it seemed like the perfect way to spend the day, plus i knew i could get some good photo's for my birthday. 

Grizzle likes these woods too, i think it's because he blends into everything. We took the track that nobody seemed to be walking on so we wouldn't be disturbed.
When Grizzle spots something he's unsure of he ends up sitting down and waiting for me. Turns out it was another tiny dog in the distance and a man lugging a huge backpack.
Soon after we ran into this lovely girl. She was an old lady and came straight over, put her paw up and waited for the praise to fall on her. 

In an effort to prove that i'm never going to grow up i played hide and seek with Grizzle.

He found me. 
How cool would it have been to build one of these as a kid? I imagine a group of them playing lost boys in these woods until the sun went down. 

Twenty Two

On Saturday the 15th of June i kissed goodbye to my 21 year old self and re-awakened a 22 year old. I started the day early, after staying up till midnight to properly toast my birthday in, i was up and out the door by 9am to spend the first section of my day on the back of a very stroppy mare who tried to buck me off at every chance she got. The joys of riding horses. After i had successfully formed a pretty rocky bond with this mare, prayed my horse better for next time it was off home to open presents over cupcakes and fresh strawberries. 

I was gifted treats from old friends like Estee Lauder, Longchamp and Dior. Enjoyed a late lunch of fish and chips and promptly let the boy take me (& Grizzle) out for the rest of the afternoon to frolic in the sunshine and enjoy a photo shoot in the woods.

Later i drank away the last part of my birthday with some of my favourite people dancing until our feet couldn't carry us any more. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the day. 

*photo's taken with iphone. Obviously we just love top quality here!

MIH is going under construction

Tuesday, June 25

That's right. 
I'm giving my blog a massive overhaul so please bear with me while things look a little messy! 
Hopefully we will be back up an running soon enough.
Thank you

This & that

Friday, June 14

-these nails polishes
{because i managed to find the perfect shades}

-this nook under the stairs
{because it's where Grizzle sits to watch the world}

-these new shoes
{because i couldn't resist them}

-this cute cat 
{because i babysat him & how amazing is his world}

- these cupcakes
{because tomorrow is my birthday}


Thursday, June 13

What you will need:
Cakes                                                                     Topping
3oz of softened butter                                        • 4oz of softened butter
3 1/2oz caster sugar                                          • 12oz of icing sugar
2 eggs {lightly beaten}                                       • 1 tbsp of milk or cream
2 tbsp of milk
8oz of self-raising flour
1oz cocoa powder

What to do:
Preheat the oven to 200c/400f/gas mark 6 & line two baking trays with about 12 cake cases.
Place the butter and sugar in a bowl and beat together until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in your eggs.
Add the milk. 
Sift in flour & cocoa powder by 'folding' the mixture over it. Beat in lots of air. 
Spoon the mixture into your cases and bake for 15-20 minutes. They should be well risen and springy on top. 
Cool on a wire rack and make your butter-cream icing. 
To make the topping place your butter & milk/cream in a bowl and beat together. 
Gradually add your icing sugar and mix until smooth. If it's too runny add more icing sugar or pop in the fridge for a few minutes to harden.
Once your cakes are cool. Slice off the tops and cut each 'top' in half. 
Leave these to the side. Smooth over your butter-cream and place the tops back on sticking up like wings.
Once all are iced serve to hungry mouths with a glass of milk or a cup of tea. 

monday musings: calm before the storm

Monday, June 10

I don't know what happened to the bright, sunny weekend i was so promised on my weather forecast all week because my weekend was mostly overcast and a little bit dreary. Hopefully next weekend will actually be sunny. I just can't have rain on my birthday! 

The boy has now officially finished uni! I'm so proud of him for sticking it out these past four years. There have been moments when he's been down, unsure and wanted to throw in the towel but he always stuck at it and now it's over and done with. I'm a very proud misses. 

We went out celebrating this weekend and even though i wasn't much in the mood for it had a good time and it was nice to get dressed up with my girls. 

I've finally got my birthday outfit ordered today. I have two dresses on the way and some new shoes. I can't wait for them to arrive and get into the party spirit! 

I have so much to do this week before Saturday because not only is it my birthday but's it's also the boy's next week too. I have a lot of baking and wrapping to do. 

Oh and there was one last thing... Did i mention it's my birthday on Saturday? No?
It's my birthday on Saturday! 

this and that

Friday, June 7

- these flowers
{because i have passed them so many times and only just taken them in}

- these outfits
{because i enjoy picking out choices for the weekend}

- this beautiful dog
{because of the way he squashes his nose into the football}

- this dream catcher
{because of everything it represents}

- this weather 
{because we all want it to stay}

mundane midweek

When i came across Charlotte's post about her mundane midweek i couldn't resist the invitation for us all to join in! Sometimes hearing people's little day to day routines is oddly settling. Every day doesn't have to be something amazing and out of this world. Even if we wish it could be. So here's my Mundane Thursday.

I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6:45 after pressing the snooze button every 10 minutes since 6am. With my eyes still half shut i made my way down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen and let Grizzle out while i had breakfast (warm weetabix) in front of the T.V. Pouring myself a cup of tea the size of my head i padded off back upstairs to jump in the shower and get ready. By 8:10 i was ready and getting Grizzle's breakfast ready for his day. 8:15 and i'm in the car on the way to work. I listen to Nick Grimshaw's insane chatter for the whole ride and wonder why i bother to listen to radio 1 anymore. 

The morning at work whizzes by in a flurry of tender's, quotations and invoices. I take a few hundred calls from the boss and by 1pm i'm starving. I don't really have a dinner hour or any breaks throughout the day so i pull out some snacks and eat at my desk while i work. 1:30pm and i'm asked to rush a tender to the council for 2pm. 

Getting into town, to the other side and trying to find somewhere to abandon park my car in half an hour was a tad eventful. People in this town don't tend to look before they step into the street or pull out of junctions! I made it just in time to be greeted by a women who clearly wanted to pack up and go home. The rest of the day is pretty slow and i'm grateful for 5 o'clock. 

Back home and i quickly get changed and head out again. I make my way to the boy's house to check on everything and water the veggies in the green house. Vegetable's not Vegetarians that would be weird! The best thing about Thursday's is that it's take away night for me, so on my way home i stop at Mcdonalds and pick up my guilty pleasure dinner! 

Once home and fed and watered i start getting my things ready for the weekend. I don't live at home on the weekend. I shower, put on some spray tan, iron my clothes and pack my bag up ready. Me & Grizzle go for a walk before the sun goes down and then we settle in for the night with sex & the city, cups of tea and a raw hide chew for him.

What did you do on your mundane midweek? 

moodboard - 1

Tuesday, June 4

I love pinterest! 
I could waste hours on there pinning pretty pictures and wishing i could transport myself into them. Hence why I've put together this little moodboard of some of the photo's I've been loving. 
If you want you can follow me on pinterest here

monday musings : not much but more to come

Monday, June 3

If i'm honest i was a bit crap at taking photo's this weekend. Mainly because i spent most my time helping the boy revise for his 

I did get out and about on Saturday though. After i had been to the stables i decided that my riding hat just wouldn't last me another week so i took at drive out to Robinsons to buy myself a new hat. I fully had intentions of only buying a hat that was a reasonable price that did what i needed it to. and was still black velvet. What i actually came away with was a pair of leather gloves a Duberry cap and the most expensive riding hat in the shop! My new riding hat though. I'm literally in love with it and it's buttery soft leather straps. 

This week i'm cat sitting for the boys parents while they're away. I love their house so much it will be nice to escape for a little while in the peace and quiet after work. 

It's finally June! My favourite month of the year for two main reasons. It's summer and it's my birthday! The 15th to be exact if anyone wanted to know ;) I've started planning what i want to do for my birthday celebrations and i couldn't be more happy that it's almost here. Everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed that it's a beautiful weather day, that would be great.

I've also been chatting to the boy about taking some trips this summer together now that he's nearly done with his uni days. We like exploring/outdoorsy holidays so i'm thinking of the lake district. If anyone has any recommendations i would love to hear them. 

On another note, how gorgeous is everything on the Joules website right now? I need new bed covers and picnic sets in my life! 

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