the bank holiday sunshine

Thursday, May 9

I love Bank Holidays. 
They make everyone in a better mood and open up so many possibilities by giving us that little extra day.
In the spirit of this, i went to my favourite happy place. Norfolk. 

The sun really did do her job this weekend. 
Convertibles were out, the beaches were filling with groups of people baring flesh, sunglasses were a must and maxi dresses flowed in the gentle breeze from the sea.

I always find it something so incredibly British that as soon as the sun rears her head the masses head to the beach to grab an ice cream and enjoy those precious few hours days of warm sun we see a year. 

However, i much prefer to spend my time away from the crowds and enjoy the views from, what is fast becoming, our home away from home. We even have a resident house rabbit who lives in our neighbors motor home and has a run out the back.

And oh what glorious views we have..

We woke early on Sunday morning to make the most of the day, ate breakfast in bed and headed out onto sun loungers in the first pair of shorts of the season. 

The boy soon got tired of doing 'nothing' and went for a 19 mile bike ride. I have to say i quite enjoyed reading my book and doing nothing over puffing and panting up and down hills for 19 miles, but each to their own. 

No trip to Norfolk isn't complete without a little visit to Weybourne beach. It's only down the road and we can see the coast line from our window. From here you can walk along the hills and the beach to almost anywhere, it may take you an hour or two but trust me, it's worth it. The best thing about this beach is it's almost like a quietly kept secret. Even at the busiest times of year you may only see a handful of other families and a few fishermen lining the coast. 

Once the boy had returned we took down the TT's roof and headed out to Sheringham to buy fish & chips and nose around the trinket shops. I like Sheringham, but on bank holiday's it gets very busy with tourists, dog walkers and pub goer's. 

None the less, we fought our way through the crowds, full car parks and crammed shops to find a few souvenirs to take home with us, even managing to time the ques just right at our favourite fish shop and get in and out in 2 minutes, complete with heapings of food. Finishing them off on the hill top overlooking the passers by and the water lapping up the rocks. 

All in all i'm now missing the sunshine and the extra day off and can't wait for my next trip down here. I already have a list of new places i want to try! 
What did you do this weekend?
Where's your happy place?

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  1. Norfolk looks lovely! I'm super jealous and I totally am with you on the reading rather than the cycling - too hot for that nonsense! Glad you had a great weekend xxx

    1. It is lovely, you should go! :) Yeah i think the boy may have 'had' to stop in a beer garden half way through, ya know to hydrate ;) lol. xxx



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