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Thursday, May 30

On Saturday afternoon the boy was at work, i'd done everything i 'needed' to do and found myself wondering how to spend those last few hours of the afternoon sunshine. 
So me and Grizzle went for a walk.
We met his little friend, some overly friendly bird things and a big horse that scared the life out of me. 

Funny story. We were walking along the bank and in the distance i saw what i thought was a huge fox, then a huge dog, then a deer. It was bobbing it's head up and down and running back and forth. Due to the curve of the bank i couldn't work out if it was in the field next to the bank or if it was on the track. Being an overly protective dog muma it stopped me in my tracks for a while incase it was indeed on the track and would be dangerous. You never know what animal you'll run into round here. After a few minutes of trying my best to see this weird excitable thing and Grizzle getting confused as to why we weren't moving forward i figured it to be this horse. In the field. Stood on the hill. It sounds stupid but i guess you had to be there to see it. 

When i got to the horse it was indeed very excited and would trot up and down next to the fence with me until it got bored and went back to munching. 

We also found these weird birds. They not only weren't scared of Grizzle, despite his attempts, they were actually really friendly and kept coming up to us. It's probably really shameful that i couldn't work out what they were. 

How do you like to spend your Saturday afternoon's?

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  1. I really miss having a dog to walk on weekends Mine sadly had to be put asleep last month. Use to love long walks in the countryside and its just not the same without a dog.
    Its been spent BBQing and cleaning at the moment with the occasional shopping trip.

    Carrieanne x

    1. So sorry to hear about your dog, it breaks my heart :( xx

  2. Lovely post and photos hun! It's so great that you went for a nice walk. I soooo need a little countryside walk away from the city for at least a day, it would be the perfect Sunday! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc



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