monday musings: a refreshing week

Monday, May 20

First i would like to say thank you to everyone who offered me kind words over the last week. I want my blog to be a positive place i can post things about my life, but in the same point i cant force posts that mean nothing to me when i feel like, to put it bluntly, total and utter shit. So thank you to everyone who reads this space of the internet and everyone who takes time to comment. I really feel like i'm gathering a nice little community here. After taking a little break to gather my thoughts i feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to put together a lot of posts this week. 

My favourite part of this weekend was probably Sunday morning. The boy woke early to go swimming for a hour, (fitness commitment right there.) left me in bed to sleep in, bringing me a cup of tea and then when he returned had brought me fresh flowers. I love sleeping in. I love cups of tea in bed and i love fresh flowers. Total and utter bliss.

I have a four day working week this week. Not because i'm taking an extra long bank holiday, oh no, but because tomorrow i'm going to see a physic. She's a lady a few people i know have seen and is usually impossible to get an appointment for. I've rang once before and didn't get a reply, thinking it was fate i left it until one day when i felt particularly lost i gave it another shot. She answered on near enough the first ring and had an appointment free for me. Fate or what?

I spent a lot of the weekend with friends. We all went out for a birthday meal on Saturday night in Tattershall. The food was amazing and the staff were absolute stars. 18 people, moving tables for us, letting us stay practically the entire evening. I couldn't give them enough praise. 

This weekend i have a friends 21st birthday, followed by a long lazy weekend. Hopefully we will get to see The Great Gatsby and have a few nice days out. If the weather plays ball that is. Can we all hope and pray together that the bank holiday is sunny? Yes. Please.  

One final thought. I'm missing a lot of you on bloglovin. Make sure you click the link and follow if you want to keep up to date.

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