Monday Musing: On a Tuesday

Tuesday, May 7

I have a case of heartache after this weekend. I had such a lovely time in Norfolk exploring more beautiful places and tiny nooks and crannies that i never want to leave. It recharges me completely. Makes me appreciate the little things around us even more and makes it impossible to be unhappy. 

 We arrived home yesterday afternoon and hosted a BBQ for some friends. The girls at one end of the garden chatting about upcoming birthdays and nights out and the boys the other, burning the food because they would rather wrestle in the grass then watch what they are doing, but all in all a good way to end the bank holiday. 

 The boy is away this weekend so i wont be seeing him for two weeks, long distance sometimes works out this way, so instead of missing him i'm going to spend time with the girls and have lazy Sunday walks with my fur baby. I'm setting out to find a new dog friendly tea shop on the way. 

 How lucky have we been with the weather? It's been in the high teens, low 20's here all weekend, my roof has been permanently down, shorts have been my go to piece and drinking ice cold lemonade out doors has been heaven. 

 Me and A have decided to take a girly trip together this summer. A week away from it all hopefully somewhere hot is just what the doctor ordered for the both of us right now. I can't wait to book something and start counting down the days. 

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  1. Haha why do barbecues always end up like that?

    Hope you find somewhere nice and hot for your girly break. Everyone needs some sun after this damp spring!




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