down by the woods today

Wednesday, May 29

The bank holiday and all it's glorious sunshine seem to be a lifetime away from the drizzly scene outside my window right now. 
What's worse is that our next one isn't until August. 
Since we can't do anything about time or weather {wasn't 2013 mean't to be full of hover cars and time travel?} I'll just look back on the weekend and hope that the sunshine reappears on Saturday.

On Sunday we spent most of the day at home. I drank a lot of Pimms in the garden, while we participated in a very fancy bbq with friends. 

On Monday the boy really did need to get on with revising for his finals. I was on hand to offer words of encouragement, bring fresh cups of tea and most importantly take him for a walk in the woods to refresh his mind.  

Oh bank holidays how i love you. Thank you for being so sunny and lovely. 
Now if only every weekend could be three days long that would be great.

4 note(s)..:

  1. What a wonderful weekend, so nice and typically English summery with BBQ & Pimms :)
    Sunshine makes everything better!
    Good Luck to the boy for his finals.
    x x

    1. Thank you very much i'll pass on the luck to the boy :)xx

  2. Beautiful photographs as always! I love how sunny and bright they are. I hope all goes well with his finals xx

    1. Thank you, i'm afraid the weather played a massive part in how well these photo's came out :) xx



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