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Wednesday, May 22

Lets get one thing straight before i start. When i brought this it was because i was getting desperate to try something i thought would be dark. It had nothing to do with the influence of TOWIE because, quite frankly, i can't stand that show! 
Phew! With that out the way i feel i have spared my dignity and can talk about it. 

I typically thought that when i tried this it would turn orange (for obvious reasons) but, i thought with proper application i may be able to make this work for me. To my surprise, it didn't turn orange at all. I woke up the next morning pre-tanning with a lovely olive colour. It was dark-ish and streak free. Winner. Although after my shower i did loose some colour and even though it was a good colour it still wasn't blowing me away. 

The next time i tanned i put three layers of the stuff on. Thinking that if i took it to the extreme it would help me out when i washed it off. It did. A bit. I was darker after my second layer but any more than that and it stopped building. For a while i was happy with this. I had to apply two layers to get anything near what i wanted but it was working for me. It was build-able to an extent which i hadn't managed to find in other tans and i had a dark-ish colour, streak free which wasn't drying my skin out. 

The application was easy for this. Simply on a mitt and go. The guide colour is extremely dark which is great if your a tanning newbie. No missed spots! The consistency is easy to work with too, it doesn't dry before you've even had chance to get it on, but it doesn't leave you sticky for ages either. The colour lasted me for a good four days before it needed scrubbing away, in my opinion, and with my skin, this was a great result. 

Overall i was and still am really impressed with this tan. The price is reasonable and i got a fairly good even colour from it. However, having to reapply so many times to get this colour annoyed me. In the end i was going through this product like it was going out of fashion and i needed something that was going to be better for me. So the hunt continued. 

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