A day doing very little.

Wednesday, May 1

On Sunday as you may have read here, i had a pretty shit day when it comes to emotions. Really shit. So in the afternoon, while waiting for the boy to cut the grass that seems to grow every damn week, i took myself of on an adventure around the house. 
One of the best things you can do when your down is count things that you have in your life that make you happy, so that's what i did.

This is what happened..

- I dressed for the adventure.

- I admired the best little arch ever. {i like arches}

- I found more proof men loving cutting grass.

- I admired what lies behind the corners {this photo}

- I found pretty blossom

- Yes i did

- I looked at things from a different view.

- I {my hair} had fun in the wind

- I found random farm equipment appeared from nowhere

- Along with lots of fresh picked tates ;)

- I remembered where this little river becomes a big river

- I helped fix a door {i didn't}

- I remembered i could walk for miles and still be completely alone.

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