this & that

Friday, May 31

- this herbal foot soak
{because sometimes you need a pamper day}

- these wild flowers
{because i like picking things up on country walks}

- this woodland walk
{because it's one of my favourites}

- this fireplace
{because it's so gorgeous}

- this bedding 
{because it's were i wake up every Saturday}

- this flower 
{because of that day}

saturdays are happy days

Thursday, May 30

On Saturday afternoon the boy was at work, i'd done everything i 'needed' to do and found myself wondering how to spend those last few hours of the afternoon sunshine. 
So me and Grizzle went for a walk.
We met his little friend, some overly friendly bird things and a big horse that scared the life out of me. 

Funny story. We were walking along the bank and in the distance i saw what i thought was a huge fox, then a huge dog, then a deer. It was bobbing it's head up and down and running back and forth. Due to the curve of the bank i couldn't work out if it was in the field next to the bank or if it was on the track. Being an overly protective dog muma it stopped me in my tracks for a while incase it was indeed on the track and would be dangerous. You never know what animal you'll run into round here. After a few minutes of trying my best to see this weird excitable thing and Grizzle getting confused as to why we weren't moving forward i figured it to be this horse. In the field. Stood on the hill. It sounds stupid but i guess you had to be there to see it. 

When i got to the horse it was indeed very excited and would trot up and down next to the fence with me until it got bored and went back to munching. 

We also found these weird birds. They not only weren't scared of Grizzle, despite his attempts, they were actually really friendly and kept coming up to us. It's probably really shameful that i couldn't work out what they were. 

How do you like to spend your Saturday afternoon's?

down by the woods today

Wednesday, May 29

The bank holiday and all it's glorious sunshine seem to be a lifetime away from the drizzly scene outside my window right now. 
What's worse is that our next one isn't until August. 
Since we can't do anything about time or weather {wasn't 2013 mean't to be full of hover cars and time travel?} I'll just look back on the weekend and hope that the sunshine reappears on Saturday.

On Sunday we spent most of the day at home. I drank a lot of Pimms in the garden, while we participated in a very fancy bbq with friends. 

On Monday the boy really did need to get on with revising for his finals. I was on hand to offer words of encouragement, bring fresh cups of tea and most importantly take him for a walk in the woods to refresh his mind.  

Oh bank holidays how i love you. Thank you for being so sunny and lovely. 
Now if only every weekend could be three days long that would be great.

monday musings: the tuesday after

Tuesday, May 28

• I'm in such a habit of only posting once i have done with the weekend that more of these Monday posts are indeed on a Tuesday, does anyone mind? No i didn't think so either. 

• My friend turned 21 on Friday and i shamefully got very drunk that i don't remember a lot of the night. I've actually decided that i hate getting drunk because the next day when i know i have missed stuff i just feel stupid. From now on i'm taking a vow to not get drunk. Don't confuse this with not drinking, i'll still do that. 

• If you've been reading for a while you'll know that the past month or so i've not been in the best place. I seem to have one thing in my life after another that is determined to destroy me and everything i love. Trying to stay positive while working my way through this mine field is one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. So on Monday i woke up, happy that i wasn't at work and the sun was shining and made me and the boy some breakfast. I'm forcing myself to do things that make me happy even when i feel like crawling in a ball and hiding away. Since i did this, i was actually quite happy Monday. Hence why this is going to be the last time i mention anything on it here. This is a happy place and it's going to stay that way.

• The rest of the weekend was spent going for walks in the sunshine, picking wild flowers, drinking pimms, eating in the garden and helping the boy revise. He's nearly done with his uni journey and i'm looking forward to the next part of our adventure. 

On Instagram

Wednesday, May 22

Just a few photo's from my Instagram account over the last few weeks. I'm really get into snapping more things to put on there lately. If you want to follow me you can find me under the username "mis_maneata"

diary of a faker : lauren's way bronzing lotion darker than dark

Lets get one thing straight before i start. When i brought this it was because i was getting desperate to try something i thought would be dark. It had nothing to do with the influence of TOWIE because, quite frankly, i can't stand that show! 
Phew! With that out the way i feel i have spared my dignity and can talk about it. 

I typically thought that when i tried this it would turn orange (for obvious reasons) but, i thought with proper application i may be able to make this work for me. To my surprise, it didn't turn orange at all. I woke up the next morning pre-tanning with a lovely olive colour. It was dark-ish and streak free. Winner. Although after my shower i did loose some colour and even though it was a good colour it still wasn't blowing me away. 

The next time i tanned i put three layers of the stuff on. Thinking that if i took it to the extreme it would help me out when i washed it off. It did. A bit. I was darker after my second layer but any more than that and it stopped building. For a while i was happy with this. I had to apply two layers to get anything near what i wanted but it was working for me. It was build-able to an extent which i hadn't managed to find in other tans and i had a dark-ish colour, streak free which wasn't drying my skin out. 

The application was easy for this. Simply on a mitt and go. The guide colour is extremely dark which is great if your a tanning newbie. No missed spots! The consistency is easy to work with too, it doesn't dry before you've even had chance to get it on, but it doesn't leave you sticky for ages either. The colour lasted me for a good four days before it needed scrubbing away, in my opinion, and with my skin, this was a great result. 

Overall i was and still am really impressed with this tan. The price is reasonable and i got a fairly good even colour from it. However, having to reapply so many times to get this colour annoyed me. In the end i was going through this product like it was going out of fashion and i needed something that was going to be better for me. So the hunt continued. 

monday musings: a refreshing week

Monday, May 20

First i would like to say thank you to everyone who offered me kind words over the last week. I want my blog to be a positive place i can post things about my life, but in the same point i cant force posts that mean nothing to me when i feel like, to put it bluntly, total and utter shit. So thank you to everyone who reads this space of the internet and everyone who takes time to comment. I really feel like i'm gathering a nice little community here. After taking a little break to gather my thoughts i feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to put together a lot of posts this week. 

My favourite part of this weekend was probably Sunday morning. The boy woke early to go swimming for a hour, (fitness commitment right there.) left me in bed to sleep in, bringing me a cup of tea and then when he returned had brought me fresh flowers. I love sleeping in. I love cups of tea in bed and i love fresh flowers. Total and utter bliss.

I have a four day working week this week. Not because i'm taking an extra long bank holiday, oh no, but because tomorrow i'm going to see a physic. She's a lady a few people i know have seen and is usually impossible to get an appointment for. I've rang once before and didn't get a reply, thinking it was fate i left it until one day when i felt particularly lost i gave it another shot. She answered on near enough the first ring and had an appointment free for me. Fate or what?

I spent a lot of the weekend with friends. We all went out for a birthday meal on Saturday night in Tattershall. The food was amazing and the staff were absolute stars. 18 people, moving tables for us, letting us stay practically the entire evening. I couldn't give them enough praise. 

This weekend i have a friends 21st birthday, followed by a long lazy weekend. Hopefully we will get to see The Great Gatsby and have a few nice days out. If the weather plays ball that is. Can we all hope and pray together that the bank holiday is sunny? Yes. Please.  

One final thought. I'm missing a lot of you on bloglovin. Make sure you click the link and follow if you want to keep up to date.

Forgive me..

Tuesday, May 14

..but this week is a grey week and i am taking some time to gather myself. 
I'll see you soon

this & that

Friday, May 10

- these trinkets
{because they are completely my style}

- this view
{because it was a new find this weekend & my new favourite place for an evening stroll}

- this fair ground 
{because i actually had fun, despite the horrible weather}

- this log burner 
{because it was in our most visited restaurant}

- this ivy 
{because it's in front of the most beautiful house}

the bank holiday sunshine

Thursday, May 9

I love Bank Holidays. 
They make everyone in a better mood and open up so many possibilities by giving us that little extra day.
In the spirit of this, i went to my favourite happy place. Norfolk. 

The sun really did do her job this weekend. 
Convertibles were out, the beaches were filling with groups of people baring flesh, sunglasses were a must and maxi dresses flowed in the gentle breeze from the sea.

I always find it something so incredibly British that as soon as the sun rears her head the masses head to the beach to grab an ice cream and enjoy those precious few hours days of warm sun we see a year. 

However, i much prefer to spend my time away from the crowds and enjoy the views from, what is fast becoming, our home away from home. We even have a resident house rabbit who lives in our neighbors motor home and has a run out the back.

And oh what glorious views we have..

We woke early on Sunday morning to make the most of the day, ate breakfast in bed and headed out onto sun loungers in the first pair of shorts of the season. 

The boy soon got tired of doing 'nothing' and went for a 19 mile bike ride. I have to say i quite enjoyed reading my book and doing nothing over puffing and panting up and down hills for 19 miles, but each to their own. 

No trip to Norfolk isn't complete without a little visit to Weybourne beach. It's only down the road and we can see the coast line from our window. From here you can walk along the hills and the beach to almost anywhere, it may take you an hour or two but trust me, it's worth it. The best thing about this beach is it's almost like a quietly kept secret. Even at the busiest times of year you may only see a handful of other families and a few fishermen lining the coast. 

Once the boy had returned we took down the TT's roof and headed out to Sheringham to buy fish & chips and nose around the trinket shops. I like Sheringham, but on bank holiday's it gets very busy with tourists, dog walkers and pub goer's. 

None the less, we fought our way through the crowds, full car parks and crammed shops to find a few souvenirs to take home with us, even managing to time the ques just right at our favourite fish shop and get in and out in 2 minutes, complete with heapings of food. Finishing them off on the hill top overlooking the passers by and the water lapping up the rocks. 

All in all i'm now missing the sunshine and the extra day off and can't wait for my next trip down here. I already have a list of new places i want to try! 
What did you do this weekend?
Where's your happy place?

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