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Friday, April 26

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My phone tells me it's going to rain tomorrow but to be honest i refuse to believe it at all. Positive thinking and all that. The weather is so lovely today that i wish i patio doors in my office. 

This week i'm continuing my fitness quest. I spent two hours in the gym on Tuesday and i'm still going strong with my 30 day squat challenge, yesterday i managed to do 100 squats in one sitting, i love the burn you feel after a work out. It makes me feel like it was worth it. 

I also realised how much i'm ruled by my stomach. I'm going for a meal with some friends on Saturday and it's literally been the only thing i can think of all week. Is it normal to be this excited about a good meal? Other than my meal i don't have any plans this weekend. Sometimes it's nice to just go with the flow and not plan anything. Especially since the next three weeks i'm busy busy busy again. 

On the beauty side of things I've finally found the worlds best tan for me! I'll write a post on it soon, starting with some of the others I've tried and not been wowed by.

What do you have planned this weekend?

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