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Friday, April 5

Walter the Cat | Dusting off the riding gear for the better weather | Enjoying my guilty pleasure food | Stacks of clean clothes ready for the weekend | One very gorgeous and very tired pup

I've decided to do a new feature here. This will be my Friday post of lovely little things from the week. I've also finally managed to get my photo's closer together with the help of the lifesaving Ellie. If you've been trying to figure this out for a lifetime like i have then take at look at her page here

If you read my post on Monday you will probably have spotted me saying that i was going to the gym for a pretty intense workout. Well, intense it was! I am still aching 3 days later and i don't just mean the occasional ache and pain, i mean i haven't been able to walk properly or move my arms! I have never wanted to hurt someone more in my life than my trainer telling me to do 'just one more'. 

Speaking of exercise. The boy and I are going swimming tonight to try and relax my tight muscles slightly. There is no way i'm going to be able to control a 1000lb horse on Saturday if i can't move my arms, so i'm praying to god, Jesus  Santa and the Easter bunny that i wake up tomorrow relativity pain free. 

What have you been doing this week? Oh and any advise on the muscles would be greatly received! 

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