The Diary Of a Faker: Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan

Tuesday, April 30

This is the start of a new feature, The Diary of a Faker, is a set of posts that will be taking you on a fake tan journey with me, through the ones that I've hated, the one's I've loved and the one's that cost to darn much! 

When i saw this new tan doing the rounds on blogs i approached it with as much caution as i do anything else. People can get lost in the hype and it doesn't always add up to a good product. However, when i saw my favourite blogging tanner, Corrie, raving about this thing i just had to try it. It all seemed so good, moisturising Moroccan oil, deep dark colour, despite it's only shade being medium, lasts all week. 

Now before i get to the nitty gritty let me explain something to you. I fake tan once a week, applying two layers in a night or applying one layer one night and one the night after. I do this for the weekend and give my skin a break the rest of the time. My skin renews itself fairly quickly shall we say, so i will naturally shed a tan before other people do, i also have very dry skin on my legs meaning i never miss out on moisturising. 

First impressions were good. The packaging is second to none, classy, elegant and so so pretty. The tan itself comes out DARK, meaning the guide line is good, however it sinks in fairly quickly and turns to more or less nothing. A few hours later, the first layer had dried and i was waiting for this really dark colour that i was promised from other bloggers..nothing. Yes i was dark-er than i was before but with my skin that's not hard, so i applied another layer. My hopes of finding a tan i only had to do once banished. 

I left it overnight. Woke up, got in the shower and watched as all that lovely golden guide colour washed off, which was darker going down the drain than on me may i add. What i was left with was what can best be described as a very subtle glow. This may be perfect for some of you but not for me. I have dark hair and want the natural dark tan that my brother got in the gene pool from my mother. I want to look like i do when i go abroad. This was not it. 

As for staying power i can't mumble too much. It lasted me until the Sunday (3 days) until it went scaly and i really needed to rub it off. Which with my skin was an okay result. Not the best, not the worst. The bottle contains 148ml and lasted me around 3 weeks. I didn't bother buying it again, simply because at £19.99 i couldn't see the point. 

This will be someone's best thing since sliced bread. If your out for that subtle golden glow you get from an afternoon in the sun. For me however it was not meant to be. 

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