Soap & Glory Butter Yourself

Wednesday, April 17

I have a new friend. 
A friend that leaves me feeling all smooth and soft. That friend is this, Soap & Glory Butter Yourself. 
I picked this tub up on an offer in boots recently for spending over a certain amount on Soap & Glory and got this free, until a week ago i had forgotten all about it, leaving it to collect dust in the back of my drawer. Then, one day while i was cleaning out said draw i spotted it's pink cutesy face and made a point of it being my next moisturiser of choice.
I haven't looked back since. 

I have fairly dry skin, especially on my legs, and over the years i have found the best moisturisers suited for my skin have been coco butter type ones so if i'm honest i wasn't holding out much hope for this working with my skin.

First impressions was the smell. I didn't like it. It was strong, fruity and all together not what i was used to. However, this disappears pretty quickly and i don't notice it anymore. Good for me, bad for you if like walking around smelling of potpourri. (Okay it wasn't that bad but it was an annoyance to my nostrils.) The consistency however, did have me intrigued. It's incredibly thick and gloopy, also not something i'm overly used to, but this, to me, was a good sign. The combinations that reside in this tub of goo work perfectly together even on my problem skin. I'm left feeling baby smooth and soft all day. In fact when i put this on before bed, i wake up feeling like I've been laying in a marshmallow peppermint cloud all night. 
It really is that good. 

At £10.50 for 300ml you could argue that this is expensive for a moisturiser, which it is, especially when you look at the likes of Palmers and Vaseline being half that price. (both of which i also use, and like) but I've never been blown away by a moisturiser before i tried this. So, like any good relationship i will look past the little things that annoy me about it and enjoy the fact that it's given me the best times i've, possibly, ever had with a moisturiser.

Mother, I think I've found the one. 

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