Riverside Picnic

Wednesday, April 10

 On Sunday i tore The Boy away from finishing his uni work for an hour to take a picnic out the back of his house. There is a tiny river, which normally holds his little boat, on sunny summer afternoons you can take the boat from the river all the way to the pub. 
Today, however, we opted for a picnic in the quiet by said river. 

We were joined by his golden retriever, who was mainly lead only by her stomach and the possibility that she may get a snack.  

Nothing for miles around and only the sound of birds chirping, the river flowing and a hungry dog panting in the sunshine. 
This is how every Sunday should be. 

Considering how much of a quick decision it was, and the lack of food i could find, i think i made a pretty good picnic.
Even if i do say so myself.. 

Jacket:Rydale | Top:Crew Clothing | Boots:Joules | Sunglasses:Rayban | Watch:Marc Jacobs

By the way, please excuse the hair sans extensions, style or even an attempt at brushing it that day. The wind had other ideas so i gave up and went Au' natural.

After escaping for an hour or two we headed back to reality, put the kettle on and continued our day. The boy went back to uni work and i laid on blankets and pillows reading. 
Occasional playing with this beautiful lady..

By the way me & The boy have been together 3 years today and we be spending our night doing what we do best. Eating. I'll fill you in soon. 
What did you do this weekend? Did the sun shine for you where ever you are?

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