Pamper Night

Tuesday, April 23

I'm a creature of habit most the time, and i like it that way. 
Every Monday night i have a pamper night for myself. I wash away the traces of the weekend and start my week fresh again. 
The products i use however, are not always a sign of habit, but this week these are what i have been using to re-energize myself. 

Firstly I need to remove any traces of makeup from the day..

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Lotion - I've really been enjoying using this product. It's kind of like a cheaper version on Liz Earle's Famous Cleanse & Polish. I use it exactly the same way and although it's not quite as good at removing stubborn eyeliner, it is pretty damn close for something that i picked up for around £3.00 one sunny boots trawling afternoon. 

Lush's Breath of Fresh Air toner - Still loving this toner, (I raved about it here) and this is still my first bottle. It's lasting me ages and i can safely say that when the day comes that it runs out i will be buying more. 

..Face fresh and clean it's time for a face mask. These are great to put on while in the bath because the heat will help open your pores..

Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Hydrating Face Mask - I picked this up from an impulsive Avon buy. To be honest it's nothing major to rave about but i do see that it hydrates my skin fairly well so i'll continue to use it. This may work better for people who have dryer skin on their face than i do, but for me it's like topping up an already nearly full drink of water. Not really necessary but keeps it nice and full nonetheless. 

..I will shampoo my hair in the shower before I've done anything else really. I know it's a waste of water but my hair falls out so much that the thought of washing it in the bath and sitting with hair floating around just creeps me out. After I've shampooed i will put on my treatment..

Aussie 3 minute miracle shine treatment - I featured this product in this post so i wont say too much about it. Except, i am still having an on going love affair with it's scent, the way it makes my hair feel and all the generally loveliness it puts into my hair. I love this range so much that i am now using their shampoo and normal conditioner on non-treatment days. 

..with my treatment on and wrapped in clingfilm and a shower cap to retain heat, i will run the bath, put in a bath bomb and some bubble bath..

Wild Fig and Grape Bath Syrup - I received this for Christmas and for a while couldn't bring myself to use it because the bottle looked so pretty. Once i caved i found that you only need a small amount of this per bath and it smells beautiful.

Johnson's Baby Oil - This has got to be my most re-purchased product for years. I love this little miracle bottle. It keeps my skin hydrated, soft and free of stretch marks. It's also great at helping to gently break up those left over fake tan patches without rubbing your skin red raw. I apply this after showering and also pop some in the bath water as an extra skin treat. 

..while the bath is running i use this dry body brush from boots to stimulate circulation, my lymphatic system, and help eliminate toxins from the body. I rub this in small circles starting from my feet upwards and always brush towards the heart. The benefits of doing this can be felt from the very first use as the blood under your skin gets it's groove going.  Once in the bath it's time to relax. Usually i read a book, catch up on programs on my ipad or sit laughing at myself to Zoe's video's. Oh, and getting washed is a good thing to do in the bath too, i guess..

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash - I've been using this up from some Christmas hampers i got. Not much to really say about it other than it smells nice, foams up well and keeps me clean. What more can you ask of a body wash? *

..Once i'm washed, relaxed and have rinsed off my treatments and face mask (in cool water from the shower hose) it's time for the last parts of my pamper night. Slathering myself in wonderful softness.. 

Lush's King of Skin - I brought this product on a whim in Cambridge one day. As much as i love Lush products, i wasn't fully expecting how much i would love this. You wipe the bar over wet skin, dip back in the water and what you are left with is the most gloriously soft skin that you just can't stop running your hand over your legs. 

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself - If you didn't already know from this post. I love this moisturiser with a capital L. Nothing's changed. It's still keeping me in skin heaven. 

So there you go a little insight into my pamper night. We all deserve one every now and then so why not make tonight your pamper night? I'll be sweating it in the gym tonight but there's nothing stopping you from lighting some candles and drinking water from a wine glass surrounded by bubbles like the classy ladies we are.

*A body wash that makes my body look like Michelle Keegan's could be a great idea for dragons den. Anyone?

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