Monday Musings: This weekend I..

Monday, April 22

001. Enjoyed the Sunshine by spending as many minutes as i could outside. This also meant rounding up all the animals and forcing them to sit outside with me. 

002. Spent the best part of an hour working on a complicated routine at riding that left me, and the horse, a little frustrated. The photo's are pretty good though. 

003. Started my 30 day squat challenge. Well, i continued it from starting in the week. Nice pert bum here i come! ;) I might have to keep you all informed on this. Are any of you taking part? 

004. I also started jogging. It's always been the one form of exercise that i have never been able to do and it embarrasses me how little distance i can run before dying on the ground, so i'm setting out to change that! 

005. Booked our weekend away for the bank holiday. I'm stupidly excited about it and i'm praying the weather is as nice as it was this weekend.

006. Went to a birthday party with a group of people dressed as bananas. Them not me. We know how to have fun ;)

007. Used up my monopoly winning tickets and got free meals for me and the boy. 

008. Helped the boy put the last bits to his dissertation. Thank god that it's done now, i was starting to feel like i was on the course too! 

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