Monday Musings: Sundays are for..

Monday, April 8

001. Putting the world to rights over home cooked breakfast in bed.

002. Soothing your muscles from horse riding in a sunny afternoon hot tub session. My first time in a while and i was already flying over those jumps. Good fun but a sore back! 

003. The top down in your car with the iPod on shuffle. 

004. Picnics by our own private river bank with one very hungry golden retriever. 

005. Reading on blankets and mountains of cushions in the spring sunshine in the garden. While the boy works hard on his uni work. 

006. Making plans for our anniversary meal this week. 

007. Ordering a new dress for a friends birthday and discussing just who is going to win laser tag with said friend. 

008. Cuddling up after a busy weekend watching a brilliantly inspiring man and his new show. 

009. Enjoying a gorgeous belly filling, all american meal at a new restaurant. Coming to a blog post near you! 

010. Happily hearing that there were no fatalities at the grand national this year.

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