Monday Musings: On a Tuesday

Tuesday, April 2

001. I let myself off the fact this is a day late because it was bank holiday and i spent yesterday in a chocolate induced coma. 

002. Actually that's a slight lie.. I did venture out of the house once yesterday and that was to check out the new stables i'll be going to next week. It's been a long time since I've had  that happy feeling of stepping out of my car on a sunny day. Boots covered in mud, dogs running to great you the smell of stables and hay in the air. 

003. Speaking of which, this week will be the first time i have ridden since my back injury. I'm a tad nervous that my spine will play up but it will all be worth it in the end. 

004. I spent that best part of a day cleaning, hoovering and generally tidying my car this weekend. She now looks shiny, clean and smells of cherries. Well...she did until i went out with the roof down and all nice smell blew away.

005. I'm actually really loving this song right now. Which i only heard thanks to the Kardashian marathon on E! this weekend!

006. Every time i comment on the weather it changes. So i am not going to comment. I am just going to smile. 

007. I have a killer session booked at the gym tonight. Two hours of weights, running, boxing and general wheezing will conclude my first day back at work. If i can walk tomorrow i will be surprised. Fun.

008. On Saturday i needed to pop to boots to pick up one or two things. Namely shampoo. This is how it went. 
I found the shampoo.
Saw a 3 for 2 offer.
Took advantage.
Bought the store. 
Handed over £80.00 at the till with a slight tear in my eye. 
3 for 2 offers you will be the death of me. Although i did get some nice things. 

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