Monday Musings: The good and the bad

Monday, April 29

001. This was my view on Saturday. After my jumping i stuck around to watch the boys mum have her lessons. I truly feel so happy when i'm at the stables. The sun was shining, the horses where getting ready for hacks and training, dogs were running around in fresh spring flowers and everyone was in a good mood. This is my happy place. 

002. I went for a meal with friends on Saturday night. The food was amazing, as always, and the company was even better! We swapped stories, shared idle gossip and laughed until our bellies hurt. The perfect way to spend a Saturday night. 

003. Despite having a lovely day on Saturday, Sunday was not a good one. I've been having such a hard time with some personal stuff lately that Sunday i just couldn't function properly. Everything piled on top of me and i finally broke. I was so happy to get in bed and brush that day under the rug. 

004. Since I've been feeling so crappy lately this post from Sheri was a welcome bit of sunshine in my otherwise shitty mood. 

005. It's bank holiday again this weekend. I'll be in Norfolk, my other happy place, putting all the stress behind me, taking photos of cute things and hopefully having a few good hearty meals with friends too. 

006. This week i'm starting my fake tanning posts. I'll be doing a few short posts on the one's I've tried and failed to love until i review my new baby. It's all very exciting! ;)

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