The Diary Of a Faker: Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan

Tuesday, April 30

This is the start of a new feature, The Diary of a Faker, is a set of posts that will be taking you on a fake tan journey with me, through the ones that I've hated, the one's I've loved and the one's that cost to darn much! 

When i saw this new tan doing the rounds on blogs i approached it with as much caution as i do anything else. People can get lost in the hype and it doesn't always add up to a good product. However, when i saw my favourite blogging tanner, Corrie, raving about this thing i just had to try it. It all seemed so good, moisturising Moroccan oil, deep dark colour, despite it's only shade being medium, lasts all week. 

Now before i get to the nitty gritty let me explain something to you. I fake tan once a week, applying two layers in a night or applying one layer one night and one the night after. I do this for the weekend and give my skin a break the rest of the time. My skin renews itself fairly quickly shall we say, so i will naturally shed a tan before other people do, i also have very dry skin on my legs meaning i never miss out on moisturising. 

First impressions were good. The packaging is second to none, classy, elegant and so so pretty. The tan itself comes out DARK, meaning the guide line is good, however it sinks in fairly quickly and turns to more or less nothing. A few hours later, the first layer had dried and i was waiting for this really dark colour that i was promised from other bloggers..nothing. Yes i was dark-er than i was before but with my skin that's not hard, so i applied another layer. My hopes of finding a tan i only had to do once banished. 

I left it overnight. Woke up, got in the shower and watched as all that lovely golden guide colour washed off, which was darker going down the drain than on me may i add. What i was left with was what can best be described as a very subtle glow. This may be perfect for some of you but not for me. I have dark hair and want the natural dark tan that my brother got in the gene pool from my mother. I want to look like i do when i go abroad. This was not it. 

As for staying power i can't mumble too much. It lasted me until the Sunday (3 days) until it went scaly and i really needed to rub it off. Which with my skin was an okay result. Not the best, not the worst. The bottle contains 148ml and lasted me around 3 weeks. I didn't bother buying it again, simply because at £19.99 i couldn't see the point. 

This will be someone's best thing since sliced bread. If your out for that subtle golden glow you get from an afternoon in the sun. For me however it was not meant to be. 

Monday Musings: The good and the bad

Monday, April 29

001. This was my view on Saturday. After my jumping i stuck around to watch the boys mum have her lessons. I truly feel so happy when i'm at the stables. The sun was shining, the horses where getting ready for hacks and training, dogs were running around in fresh spring flowers and everyone was in a good mood. This is my happy place. 

002. I went for a meal with friends on Saturday night. The food was amazing, as always, and the company was even better! We swapped stories, shared idle gossip and laughed until our bellies hurt. The perfect way to spend a Saturday night. 

003. Despite having a lovely day on Saturday, Sunday was not a good one. I've been having such a hard time with some personal stuff lately that Sunday i just couldn't function properly. Everything piled on top of me and i finally broke. I was so happy to get in bed and brush that day under the rug. 

004. Since I've been feeling so crappy lately this post from Sheri was a welcome bit of sunshine in my otherwise shitty mood. 

005. It's bank holiday again this weekend. I'll be in Norfolk, my other happy place, putting all the stress behind me, taking photos of cute things and hopefully having a few good hearty meals with friends too. 

006. This week i'm starting my fake tanning posts. I'll be doing a few short posts on the one's I've tried and failed to love until i review my new baby. It's all very exciting! ;)

This & That

Friday, April 26

This mad cat has issues | Getting gym ready | Perfect lines | My baby in the sunshine | A dunking moment | Swan apple

My phone tells me it's going to rain tomorrow but to be honest i refuse to believe it at all. Positive thinking and all that. The weather is so lovely today that i wish i patio doors in my office. 

This week i'm continuing my fitness quest. I spent two hours in the gym on Tuesday and i'm still going strong with my 30 day squat challenge, yesterday i managed to do 100 squats in one sitting, i love the burn you feel after a work out. It makes me feel like it was worth it. 

I also realised how much i'm ruled by my stomach. I'm going for a meal with some friends on Saturday and it's literally been the only thing i can think of all week. Is it normal to be this excited about a good meal? Other than my meal i don't have any plans this weekend. Sometimes it's nice to just go with the flow and not plan anything. Especially since the next three weeks i'm busy busy busy again. 

On the beauty side of things I've finally found the worlds best tan for me! I'll write a post on it soon, starting with some of the others I've tried and not been wowed by.

What do you have planned this weekend?

Pamper Night

Tuesday, April 23

I'm a creature of habit most the time, and i like it that way. 
Every Monday night i have a pamper night for myself. I wash away the traces of the weekend and start my week fresh again. 
The products i use however, are not always a sign of habit, but this week these are what i have been using to re-energize myself. 

Firstly I need to remove any traces of makeup from the day..

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Lotion - I've really been enjoying using this product. It's kind of like a cheaper version on Liz Earle's Famous Cleanse & Polish. I use it exactly the same way and although it's not quite as good at removing stubborn eyeliner, it is pretty damn close for something that i picked up for around £3.00 one sunny boots trawling afternoon. 

Lush's Breath of Fresh Air toner - Still loving this toner, (I raved about it here) and this is still my first bottle. It's lasting me ages and i can safely say that when the day comes that it runs out i will be buying more. 

..Face fresh and clean it's time for a face mask. These are great to put on while in the bath because the heat will help open your pores..

Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil Hydrating Face Mask - I picked this up from an impulsive Avon buy. To be honest it's nothing major to rave about but i do see that it hydrates my skin fairly well so i'll continue to use it. This may work better for people who have dryer skin on their face than i do, but for me it's like topping up an already nearly full drink of water. Not really necessary but keeps it nice and full nonetheless. 

..I will shampoo my hair in the shower before I've done anything else really. I know it's a waste of water but my hair falls out so much that the thought of washing it in the bath and sitting with hair floating around just creeps me out. After I've shampooed i will put on my treatment..

Aussie 3 minute miracle shine treatment - I featured this product in this post so i wont say too much about it. Except, i am still having an on going love affair with it's scent, the way it makes my hair feel and all the generally loveliness it puts into my hair. I love this range so much that i am now using their shampoo and normal conditioner on non-treatment days. 

..with my treatment on and wrapped in clingfilm and a shower cap to retain heat, i will run the bath, put in a bath bomb and some bubble bath..

Wild Fig and Grape Bath Syrup - I received this for Christmas and for a while couldn't bring myself to use it because the bottle looked so pretty. Once i caved i found that you only need a small amount of this per bath and it smells beautiful.

Johnson's Baby Oil - This has got to be my most re-purchased product for years. I love this little miracle bottle. It keeps my skin hydrated, soft and free of stretch marks. It's also great at helping to gently break up those left over fake tan patches without rubbing your skin red raw. I apply this after showering and also pop some in the bath water as an extra skin treat. 

..while the bath is running i use this dry body brush from boots to stimulate circulation, my lymphatic system, and help eliminate toxins from the body. I rub this in small circles starting from my feet upwards and always brush towards the heart. The benefits of doing this can be felt from the very first use as the blood under your skin gets it's groove going.  Once in the bath it's time to relax. Usually i read a book, catch up on programs on my ipad or sit laughing at myself to Zoe's video's. Oh, and getting washed is a good thing to do in the bath too, i guess..

Sanctuary Spa Body Wash - I've been using this up from some Christmas hampers i got. Not much to really say about it other than it smells nice, foams up well and keeps me clean. What more can you ask of a body wash? *

..Once i'm washed, relaxed and have rinsed off my treatments and face mask (in cool water from the shower hose) it's time for the last parts of my pamper night. Slathering myself in wonderful softness.. 

Lush's King of Skin - I brought this product on a whim in Cambridge one day. As much as i love Lush products, i wasn't fully expecting how much i would love this. You wipe the bar over wet skin, dip back in the water and what you are left with is the most gloriously soft skin that you just can't stop running your hand over your legs. 

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself - If you didn't already know from this post. I love this moisturiser with a capital L. Nothing's changed. It's still keeping me in skin heaven. 

So there you go a little insight into my pamper night. We all deserve one every now and then so why not make tonight your pamper night? I'll be sweating it in the gym tonight but there's nothing stopping you from lighting some candles and drinking water from a wine glass surrounded by bubbles like the classy ladies we are.

*A body wash that makes my body look like Michelle Keegan's could be a great idea for dragons den. Anyone?

Monday Musings: This weekend I..

Monday, April 22

001. Enjoyed the Sunshine by spending as many minutes as i could outside. This also meant rounding up all the animals and forcing them to sit outside with me. 

002. Spent the best part of an hour working on a complicated routine at riding that left me, and the horse, a little frustrated. The photo's are pretty good though. 

003. Started my 30 day squat challenge. Well, i continued it from starting in the week. Nice pert bum here i come! ;) I might have to keep you all informed on this. Are any of you taking part? 

004. I also started jogging. It's always been the one form of exercise that i have never been able to do and it embarrasses me how little distance i can run before dying on the ground, so i'm setting out to change that! 

005. Booked our weekend away for the bank holiday. I'm stupidly excited about it and i'm praying the weather is as nice as it was this weekend.

006. Went to a birthday party with a group of people dressed as bananas. Them not me. We know how to have fun ;)

007. Used up my monopoly winning tickets and got free meals for me and the boy. 

008. Helped the boy put the last bits to his dissertation. Thank god that it's done now, i was starting to feel like i was on the course too! 

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself

Wednesday, April 17

I have a new friend. 
A friend that leaves me feeling all smooth and soft. That friend is this, Soap & Glory Butter Yourself. 
I picked this tub up on an offer in boots recently for spending over a certain amount on Soap & Glory and got this free, until a week ago i had forgotten all about it, leaving it to collect dust in the back of my drawer. Then, one day while i was cleaning out said draw i spotted it's pink cutesy face and made a point of it being my next moisturiser of choice.
I haven't looked back since. 

I have fairly dry skin, especially on my legs, and over the years i have found the best moisturisers suited for my skin have been coco butter type ones so if i'm honest i wasn't holding out much hope for this working with my skin.

First impressions was the smell. I didn't like it. It was strong, fruity and all together not what i was used to. However, this disappears pretty quickly and i don't notice it anymore. Good for me, bad for you if like walking around smelling of potpourri. (Okay it wasn't that bad but it was an annoyance to my nostrils.) The consistency however, did have me intrigued. It's incredibly thick and gloopy, also not something i'm overly used to, but this, to me, was a good sign. The combinations that reside in this tub of goo work perfectly together even on my problem skin. I'm left feeling baby smooth and soft all day. In fact when i put this on before bed, i wake up feeling like I've been laying in a marshmallow peppermint cloud all night. 
It really is that good. 

At £10.50 for 300ml you could argue that this is expensive for a moisturiser, which it is, especially when you look at the likes of Palmers and Vaseline being half that price. (both of which i also use, and like) but I've never been blown away by a moisturiser before i tried this. So, like any good relationship i will look past the little things that annoy me about it and enjoy the fact that it's given me the best times i've, possibly, ever had with a moisturiser.

Mother, I think I've found the one. 

This & That - deux

Friday, April 12

The perfect way to start a Saturday morning | Fresh Flowers | Relaxing in the afternoon sun | Playing with my fur baby | Still Obsessed with these | Hard at work | Reading in the garden

I have a busy weekend planned from tonight. It's my friends birthday and we are all going to compete in a highly competitive sport known as laser tag (I'm undefeated and wont it to stay that way!) followed by some drinks out. I'm actually crazy excited to put on that pack and get firing! 

Tomorrow i'm back at the stables and hopefully getting my jumps a bit higher this time. Then, if i can walk, i'll be joining the girls in town for more celebratory drinks in my new dress. Which, by the way, has now forced me to forgive Missguided for my horrible postage experience at Christmas. All is forgiven. 

Even if the weather is still having it's tantrums, i can firmly say that summer is on it's way. Why is that? Because my social calender is getting more and more booked up with birthdays, trips away and general summeriness. (Is that a word? It is now!) Also me and the boy had a good anniversary meal on Wednesday. The food was excellent, the service was great and the company wasn't that bad either ;) 

In other news.. Made in Chelsea started again! How excited was i watching it? It's almost made up for the fact that Chasing the Saturdays has now finished and i forgot to record the last episode. Almost. 

What's your week been like? Are you seeing summer sneaking it's way into your lives? 

Riverside Picnic

Wednesday, April 10

 On Sunday i tore The Boy away from finishing his uni work for an hour to take a picnic out the back of his house. There is a tiny river, which normally holds his little boat, on sunny summer afternoons you can take the boat from the river all the way to the pub. 
Today, however, we opted for a picnic in the quiet by said river. 

We were joined by his golden retriever, who was mainly lead only by her stomach and the possibility that she may get a snack.  

Nothing for miles around and only the sound of birds chirping, the river flowing and a hungry dog panting in the sunshine. 
This is how every Sunday should be. 

Considering how much of a quick decision it was, and the lack of food i could find, i think i made a pretty good picnic.
Even if i do say so myself.. 

Jacket:Rydale | Top:Crew Clothing | Boots:Joules | Sunglasses:Rayban | Watch:Marc Jacobs

By the way, please excuse the hair sans extensions, style or even an attempt at brushing it that day. The wind had other ideas so i gave up and went Au' natural.

After escaping for an hour or two we headed back to reality, put the kettle on and continued our day. The boy went back to uni work and i laid on blankets and pillows reading. 
Occasional playing with this beautiful lady..

By the way me & The boy have been together 3 years today and we be spending our night doing what we do best. Eating. I'll fill you in soon. 
What did you do this weekend? Did the sun shine for you where ever you are?

Monday Musings: Sundays are for..

Monday, April 8

001. Putting the world to rights over home cooked breakfast in bed.

002. Soothing your muscles from horse riding in a sunny afternoon hot tub session. My first time in a while and i was already flying over those jumps. Good fun but a sore back! 

003. The top down in your car with the iPod on shuffle. 

004. Picnics by our own private river bank with one very hungry golden retriever. 

005. Reading on blankets and mountains of cushions in the spring sunshine in the garden. While the boy works hard on his uni work. 

006. Making plans for our anniversary meal this week. 

007. Ordering a new dress for a friends birthday and discussing just who is going to win laser tag with said friend. 

008. Cuddling up after a busy weekend watching a brilliantly inspiring man and his new show. 

009. Enjoying a gorgeous belly filling, all american meal at a new restaurant. Coming to a blog post near you! 

010. Happily hearing that there were no fatalities at the grand national this year.

This & That

Friday, April 5

Walter the Cat | Dusting off the riding gear for the better weather | Enjoying my guilty pleasure food | Stacks of clean clothes ready for the weekend | One very gorgeous and very tired pup

I've decided to do a new feature here. This will be my Friday post of lovely little things from the week. I've also finally managed to get my photo's closer together with the help of the lifesaving Ellie. If you've been trying to figure this out for a lifetime like i have then take at look at her page here

If you read my post on Monday you will probably have spotted me saying that i was going to the gym for a pretty intense workout. Well, intense it was! I am still aching 3 days later and i don't just mean the occasional ache and pain, i mean i haven't been able to walk properly or move my arms! I have never wanted to hurt someone more in my life than my trainer telling me to do 'just one more'. 

Speaking of exercise. The boy and I are going swimming tonight to try and relax my tight muscles slightly. There is no way i'm going to be able to control a 1000lb horse on Saturday if i can't move my arms, so i'm praying to god, Jesus  Santa and the Easter bunny that i wake up tomorrow relativity pain free. 

What have you been doing this week? Oh and any advise on the muscles would be greatly received! 

Monday Musings: On a Tuesday

Tuesday, April 2

001. I let myself off the fact this is a day late because it was bank holiday and i spent yesterday in a chocolate induced coma. 

002. Actually that's a slight lie.. I did venture out of the house once yesterday and that was to check out the new stables i'll be going to next week. It's been a long time since I've had  that happy feeling of stepping out of my car on a sunny day. Boots covered in mud, dogs running to great you the smell of stables and hay in the air. 

003. Speaking of which, this week will be the first time i have ridden since my back injury. I'm a tad nervous that my spine will play up but it will all be worth it in the end. 

004. I spent that best part of a day cleaning, hoovering and generally tidying my car this weekend. She now looks shiny, clean and smells of cherries. Well...she did until i went out with the roof down and all nice smell blew away.

005. I'm actually really loving this song right now. Which i only heard thanks to the Kardashian marathon on E! this weekend!

006. Every time i comment on the weather it changes. So i am not going to comment. I am just going to smile. 

007. I have a killer session booked at the gym tonight. Two hours of weights, running, boxing and general wheezing will conclude my first day back at work. If i can walk tomorrow i will be surprised. Fun.

008. On Saturday i needed to pop to boots to pick up one or two things. Namely shampoo. This is how it went. 
I found the shampoo.
Saw a 3 for 2 offer.
Took advantage.
Bought the store. 
Handed over £80.00 at the till with a slight tear in my eye. 
3 for 2 offers you will be the death of me. Although i did get some nice things. 

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