Safe Haven Movie Review

Monday, March 11

I love going to the cinema. 
I'm a self confessed movie addict and will quite happily spend my time in the cinema with the over priced snacks and sticking floors, just to watch a good film. 
The other week the girls and I decided to spare our other halves from the girlishness and take ourselves for a date with Josh Duhamel and Safe Haven.  

Now i'm NOT an overly chick flick lover. I've never watched 'The Notebook' or 'Dear John' and 'P.S I love you' did nothing for me other than that i can't resist an Irish accent. I find most to be repetitive, far too predictable and completely boring at times. I prefer movies that have a tad more action or even the odd darker approach, and i'll admit that when the trailer first popped on my screen my thoughts were that this movie would be the same as the rest.
It wasn't.

When i searched for a longer trailer on Youtube, it hooked me in enough to agree to see it. At this point i still wasn't expecting much more than a few tense moments inbetween all the kissing in the rain and frolicking on the beach.
I was wrong. 
This, for me, is the perfect amount of girl chick flick cheesiness in with what is actually a surprisingly dark and guessing story line. It's hard to describe this film without giving away the whole story, and most importantly, without giving away the twists and turns that make you re-evaluate the story on more than one occasion. I will however say that if you do see this film be prepared for murder, abuse, drama and, of course, a love story that will keep your heart fluttering throughout. 

 It's only a 12 so don't expect to see more than any other 12 rated movie would allow you because it is only a 12 after all. Saying that, the story is a good one. 
I like movies that don't give everything away at once and this literally kept you thinking the whole way through, then just when you think you've got it all figured out it throws you something that nobody could have predicted right in the last 5 minutes. 

If you do see this film i strongly advise taking tissues with you. Personally I've only ever cried once in a cinema and that was when i was watching 'War Horse'. I'm not a cryer. However i had four girl friends with mascara running down their cheeks for most of the film and upon turning round realised i was probably the only one with dry eyes in the sight.  Take Tissues!

If i see a film and don't think much of it then i wont buy it once the DVD is released. However this one i would strongly consider buying. I'm not sure it would have the same effect now that i know what is going to happen but it is one of those films that you can grab a few of your girls and watch with a glass of wine, or even on your own, under a blanket with buckets of popcorn. 
It's not a 5 star film, but i would argue that it was a 4 star. So that's what i'm sticking too. 

You can watch the trailer here and all photos are from Weheartit.

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